GATUNEK – Dramat, Fantasy

OPIS: Serial opowiada o wydarzeniach po biblijnym końcu świata, który nie przebiegł zgodnie z oczekiwaniami. Przedstawia historie osób, które nie załapały się na sąd ostateczny i pozostały na Ziemi. Od momentu tak zwanej Paruzji świat nie wygląda już tak samo.

PLOT: The Leftovers season 2 continues to focus on Kevin Garvey, former Chief of Police from Mapleton, NY. His family’s life changed after hundreds of locals suddenly missing. At the end of last season, Mapleton was plunged into chaos. He and Nora began to seek a new life and a new hope for the future. Jarden, a small town in eastern Texas, is a place that had no departures and may be a potential home for them. Matt Jamison, his wife, Mary and Jill Garvey also arrived in a promising town. John and Erika Murphy together with twins are their new Jarden’s neighbors. At this time, Laurie left the cult and was reunited with Tom.