The Green Inferno (2013) 


OPiS FiLMU – Grupa studentów wyrusza w  podróż z Nowego Jorku do Amazonii aby ratować zagrożone wymarciem plemię. Kiedy rozbijają się w dżungli, stają się zakładnikami tubylców, których zamierzali chronić.

PLOT – Justine (Lorenza Izzo), a college freshman in New York City, becomes interested in a social activism group on her campus, led by Alejandro (Ariel Levy) and his girlfriend, Kara. The group plans a trip to the Amazon rainforest to stop a company from logging and obliterating ancient native tribes there; the goal is to film the logging crews with cell phones and stream footage to raise awareness. Justine, whose father is an attorney for the United Nations, suggests she could bring attention to the issue through her father.

The operation is funded by Carlos, who takes the group of students to Peru via plane. They arrive in the Amazon and begin the protest, chaining themselves to trees. The protest receives viral attention on the internet, when Justine is almost shot dead by one of the militia. Justine realizes she was a pawn because if things went bad, nobody would kill the daughter of a UN attorney. As the plane leaves, it crashes into the forest, resulting in the death of Carlos.

Protest members Justine, Alejandro, Kara, Jonah, Lars, Amy, Samantha, and Daniel survive and search for the GPS phone. Kara is killed with arrows, and the rest of the group are knocked unconscious with tranquilizer darts. They awaken on boats led by a native tribe, and are taken to a small village, where they are imprisoned. The female elder of the tribe ritually kills Jonah and Alejandro reveals that the protest was a fraud and Carlos was a logging operation rival.

Justine is discovered to be a virgin and the tribe wants to perform genital mutilation on her. Samantha distracts the tribe and escapes in the confusion. The tribe brings the prisoners food and after Amy finishes hers, she finds skin with Samantha’s tattoos. Realizing she ate her friend, Amy smashes her bowl and uses a shard to commit suicide. Eventually, Justine and Daniel escape, leaving Alejandro (for lying) and Lars (who Alejandro knocks out for anger) behind. The tribe eats Lars. Justine and Daniel return to the plane, and she finds a phone in the deceased Kara’s pocket but the tribe recaptures them. Justine is prepared for her ceremony while Daniel is fed to ants. Logging machinery attracts the tribe to the jungle; the distraction allows Justine to escape with the help of a child sympathizer. The child sympathy kills Daniel and Alejandro is abandoned. Justine encounters the loggers slaughtering the natives, and the loggers take her home.

In New York, a disenfranchised Justine lies to her father and the UN, telling them she was the only survivor of the crash and that the tribe was friendly. Alejandro’s face on shirts is being used to promote further activism on campus by those unaware of his manipulations.

After the credits roll, a satellite map of the forest appears while a phone conversation between Justine and Alejandro’s sister takes place. His sister has found him on a satellite GPS image which zooms in to the surviving Alejandro.

GATUNEK – Horror, Przygodowy

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