REGRESJA / Regression (2015)

GATUNEK: Horror, Mystery, Thriller, LEKTOR.PL

OPiS FiLMU: Jest rok 1990. Na komisariat w Minnesocie zgłasza się mężczyzna, który uparcie twierdzi, że przez długi czas molestował córkę. Budzi to jednak podejrzenia wielu osób, ponieważ nie pamięta on swoich działań. Jedną ze sceptycznie nastawionych osób jest detektyw Bruce Kenner, który za wszelką cenę stara się rozwikłać zagadkę.  Jak się okazuje, udział w zbrodni ma satanistyczny kult, a Kenner, aby rozwikłać zagadkę, jest zmuszony prosić o pomoc profesora Kennetha Rainesa — psychologa i specjalistę od hipnotycznej metody regresji.

Czym jest owa regresja w filmie? Jest jedną z metod terapeutycznych, która polega na wprowadzeniu człowieka w stan hipnozy, a następnie na powolnym i stopniowym cofaniu się do wspomnień, które wywołały blokadę i uszczerbek w psychice człowieka. Taką metodą posługuje się Kenneth Raines (David Thewlis), który stara się ustalić w ten sposób, co tak naprawdę się wydarzyło i czy sprawa z molestowaniem w ogóle miała miejsce.

PLOT: The film takes place in Minnesota, in 1990. Detective Bruce Kenner (Ethan Hawke) investigates the case of John Gray (David Dencik), who admits to sexually abusing his 17-year-old daughter Angela (Emma Watson) but has no recollection of the abuse. They seek the help of Professor Kenneth Raines (David Thewlis) to use recovered-memory therapy on John Gray to retrieve his memories, and come to suspect that their colleague Detective George Nesbitt (Aaron Ashmore) is involved. They detain him but fail to find evidence against him. Detectives suspect a satanic cult is involved because of Angela’s testimony, in which Angela says that she was abused by people in masks and someone took pictures of it.

Bruce and Kenneth meet Angela’s estranged brother Roy Gray (Devon Bostick) to inquire about why he left the house. Using the regression technique on him, he recalls hooded figures entering his room while he was young. Bruce and Kenneth suspect Roy’s grandmother, Rose Gray (Dale Dickey), has some involvement but find nothing after a search of her house.

Meanwhile, Bruce begins having nightmares involving satanic rituals. Angela tells him that the cult is out to kill her as she has shown her demonic mark to him and that he is in danger as well. She tells him that her mother received miscellaneous calls and saw strange figures staring at her in the street before she met with an accident. Bruce starts to experience the same things and his nightmares increase in intensity.

Rose jumps from the window of her house after seeing ghostly figures, injuring herself. Bruce meets Angela in the church’s cemetery to reassure her and after an emotional outburst, she kisses him. Shocked, Bruce leaves her there and returns to his home. He sees a soup advertisement on the street and recognizes the woman in it as the one he sees in his nightmares. He concludes that his imagination has run away with him. He tells Kenneth that all these past memories are induced by therapy and the whole situation is just the result of mass hysteria. Though the professor is initially resistant to the idea, he too comes to suspect that these memories were not real.

Bruce is attacked by two hooded figures who finally reveal themselves as George and their colleague, Farrell (Aaron Abrams). George was seeking revenge after Bruce detained him as a child molester and ruined his career. Bruce offers to forget the whole situation if George tells him everything he knows. After George reveals things, Bruce confronts Angela about her abuse and she insists she told the truth. Finally Bruce concludes that she was fabricating everything from the beginning as she wanted to escape from her family, whom she thinks are responsible for her mother’s death. She wanted to elope with George, as they had a sexual relationship for some time, but he refused to elope with a minor. Angela accused her father in order to escape the house. When Bruce confronts her, she tells him that no one is going to believe him, especially if she tells them that they kissed in the cemetery. Bruce tells John everything but John decides to take the blame and pleads guilty in order to rescue Angela and hopes that she will forgive him one day for being a bad father.

The film ends with a statement that many cases like this were reported before the satanic abuse hysteria faded.


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