Zimowa opowieść / Winters Tale (2014)gatunek: Fantasy, Melodramat, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS: Winter’s Tale opowiada historię, która dzieje się w mitycznym Nowym Jorku na przestrzeni ponad stu lat. To opowieść o cudach, przeplatających się losach i odwiecznej walce dobra ze złem. W filmie zagrali: Colin Farrell (Pamięć absolutna), Jessica Brown Findlay (znana z telewizyjnej produkcji Downtown Abbey), zdobywcy Oscara Jennifer Connelly (Piękny umysł), William Hurt (Pocałunek kobiety pająka), Eva Marie Saint (Na nabrzeżach) i Russel Crowe (Gladiator). W obrazie zobaczymy też debiutantów: Ripley Sobo i Mckayla Twiggs, artystów z broadwayowskiego musicalu „Once”.

PLOT: In 1886, a married immigrant couple are refused entry into Manhattan. When their infant son is also refused, the couple decide to place him in a model sailboat named „City of Justice” to float there safely.

In 1916, the infant boy has grown up to be Peter Lake, a thief who was raised by a demon who poses as the gangster Pearly Soames. But Peter decides to leave Pearly’s gang and the only life he’s known. Pearly is infuriated and has his gang hunt down Peter. But, suddenly Peter is rescued by a mysterious white horse that becomes his guardian angel. Although Peter hopes to move to Florida and come back in the summer, the horse encourages him to steal from one last mansion. The mansion is the home of Beverly Penn, a young woman dying from tuberculosis. While her publisher father Isaac and younger sister Willa go out, she takes a cold bath and goes downstairs to play the piano while Peter is trying to unlock the safe. Peter discovers Beverly and she makes him a cup of tea. They explain to each other about their stories and immediately fall in love.

Pearly uncovers Peter’s “escape” and orders his men to Beverly’s home, realizing that she is to be Peter’s „miracle”. While preparing to leave with his mysterious white horse, Peter goes back to see Beverly one more time but is almost killed by Pearly. Peter rescues Beverly and they escape to the Lake of the Coheeries where Peter meets Beverly’s family at their summer home. Isaac is at first skeptical of Peter, but later accepts him when he fixes an out-of-control furnace and saves both Isaac and the house. While on a walk, Beverly explains to Peter that everyone is born with a miracle inside and when she dies, she will become a star but his miracle is still inside him.

Pearly goes to see the devil, Lucifer, who is also referred to as „Judge”, to gain access to Peter at Beverly’s lake home, but the Judge refuses. So, Pearly calls in a debt owed to him by one of Lucifer’s angels and orders the angel to poison Beverly. At a ball, the man ordered to poison Beverly disguises himself as a servant and poisons Beverly’s drink. When she returns home, Peter sneaks up to the tent where she sleeps and they make love. Afterwards, when Beverly tries to tell Peter something, she suddenly dies. He attempts to resuscitate her on the bed in the greenhouse due to Willa’s story, but is too late and he weeps on her body.

During the funeral, Willa gives a distraught Peter one of the flowers laid on her coffin. About to leave with the horse, Pearly and his men surround them on the Brooklyn Bridge. Peter orders the horse to leave and Pearly gives Peter four head-butts and pushes him off the bridge. Peter miraculously survives, but wanders around the city with amnesia for a century, drawing chalk art of a red headed girl on the pavements.

A century later — in 2014, Peter bumps into a girl named Abby and meets her mother, Virginia Gamely. He then shaves off his facial hair and discovers the „City of Justice” plaque from the toy sailboat his parents placed him in as a baby to get to New York. Pearly discovers that Peter did not die from falling off the Brooklyn Bridge and is still alive. Peter then discovers the Theatre of the Coheeries, founded by Isaac who has dedicated it to Beverly. He goes to the library where Virginia works, who helps him get his memory back. While there, he meets Willa, who is grown up and became Virginia’s boss for her newspaper.

When they discover Peter’s location, Pearly again orders his men to go kill him. When he is at Virginia’s apartment for dinner, her daughter Abby has a seizure and Peter learns that Abby has cancer and realizes that Abby is Peter’s „miracle”. He convinces Virginia he can save Abby. When Pearly and his men arrive, Peter and Virginia flee to the rooftop with Abby, where they find the horse waiting to rescue them. The horse flies them to the Lake of the Coheeries. Just when they walk towards the greenhouse, Pearly and his men arrive once again, but the horse flies away and lands hard on the ice, which breaks, and Pearly’s men all drown. Peter and Pearly engage in a fistfight and Peter stabs Pearly in the neck with the „City of Justice” plaque. Pearly turns to ice and dies.

Peter and Virginia desperately take Abby and lay her gently on the bed in the greenhouse, but lose hope, even after Peter lays the flower given to by Willa. Abby then comes back to life and Peter brings both Virginia and Abby home with a brighter future ahead. The film ends with Peter and the horse, thundering through the streets of Manhattan, suddenly leaping into the sky and flying into the night sky to become stars and to reunite with Beverly as Virginia, Abby, and Willa look up.