666 The Beast 2007666 The Beast (2007)

GATUNEK – Horror, Thriller
OPiS FiLMUDonald Lawson, dziecko diabła z „666: dziecko”, jest już dorosły i jest zdeterminowany, aby wypełnić swoje przeznaczenie jako Antychrysta.
PLOT – 666: The Beast starts a number of years after the original 666: The Child (2006) & is set in Los Angeles where Donald Lawson (Chad Mathews) is a balding middle aged executive at a company called GlobalTech. His boss promotes Donald to junior vice president of the company & also reveals that Donald is in fact the Antichrist destined to take over the world which all things considered Donald takes pretty well. However Donald’s boss also says that a baby will be born who will have the power to destroy him unless he kills it first, as by a strange (budget saving) coincidence it’s Donald’s wife Kate (Makinna Ridgway) who is pregnant with the baby. So in a roundabout ironic sort of way the only person who can stop Donald destroying the Earth is his wife, the one person who loves him the most…

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