Frankenstein (2015)FRANKENSTEIN (2015)

GATUNEK – Horror, Thriller
OPiS FiLMU – Osadzona we współczesnych realiach opowieść o powołanym przez dwójkę ekscentrycznych naukowców tworze, który porzucony spotyka się tylko z jednym wielkim pasmem agresji i przemocy.
PLOT – Viktor Frankenstein (Danny Huston) and his wife, Marie (Carrie-Anne Moss), are scientists who bring to life Adam: a fully-grown, handsome, young man (Xavier Samuel) with the mind of an infant. Adam’s cells fail to replicate correctly and he soon develops deformities on his face and body. Dr. Frankenstein attempts to euthanize his creation, but he is difficult to kill and abnormally strong.

Adam escapes into a nearby wilderness and lives by scavenging in the forest. He adopts a friendly stray dog, with whom he travels to the city. In a park he meets a little girl (Mckenna Grace) and they play a game of throwing sticks into a lake. Adam, still thinking it’s a game, picks up the girl and throws her into the water as well. She starts to drown, so he jumps in and saves her. When he brings her to shore, however, two police men try to arrest him and shoot his barking dog. Adam assaults one officer and kills the other. A vigilante mob chases Adam down.

Adam is taken to a police station where he is put into a straitjacket. Almost completely non-verbal, he gives them Marie’s ID badge. Marie is brought to the station and denies knowing Adam, effectively abandoning him.

Two vengeful policemen drive Adam to an empty lot and shoot him in the head. He awakes hours later and wanders until he meets a blind, homeless man named Eddie (Tony Todd). Recognizing a child-like soul, he kindly takes Adam under his wing. Adam’s deformities worsen, but he continues to learn about the world and his ability to speak improves.

Some time later, Eddie convinces a friendly prostitute named Wanda (Maya Erskine) to take Adam to a hotel and have sex with him. After he emerges from the shower, Wanda realizes how extensive his deformities are and tries to leave. The distraught Adam snaps her neck while trying to make her stay. Eddie, having heard Wanda’s screams, discovers her death and beats Adam with his cane. Adam end ups accidentally killing Eddie as well.

Feeling hopeless and angry, he uses Wanda’s phone to guide him to the Frankensteins’ residence. Along the way, Adam comes across the police officer who shot him in the head and he vengefully murders the officer.

When Adam arrives at the Frankensteins’ luxurious home, Viktor attempts to decapitate him. When Marie tries to stop Viktor, he swings a saw and accidentally slices her neck open. Viktor flees and she quickly dies of blood loss.

Adam takes Marie’s body into the nearby woods. He solemnly builds a pyre and burns himself to death beside her.

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