Back In The Day (2014) Back In The Day (2014) 

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OPIS: Jim postanawia wybrać się na zjazd absolwentów swojego dawnego liceum, aby odświeżyć dawne znajomości. Nie wie jednak, co naprawdę czeka go na miejscu…

PLOT: When Jim Owens makes a surprise visit to his high school reunion… all hell breaks loose. Hilarity ensues as he wrangles his now-married friends together for one last hurrah. Cruising the old strip, seeking vengeance on an old high school principal and nearly breaking up a wedding gets Jim into hot water with his friends and their wives. BACK IN THE DAY is written and directed by Michael Rosenbaum and stars Rosenbaum, Morena Baccarin, Nick Swardson, Harland Williams, Sarah Colonna, and Isaiah Mustafa. The film was produced by Kim Waltrip (Hit and Run, The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby: Him and Her) of Kim and Jim Productions, and is also a Rose and Bomb Production.