Gods of Egypt / Bogowie Egiptu (2016)GODS OF EGYPT / BOGOWIE EGIPTU (2016)


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 Set, bezwzględny bóg ciemności, siłą i podstępem przejmuje egipski tron. Faraon ginie, kapłani są bezsilni, a zwykli ludzie stają się niewolnikami. Tylko garstka buntowników stawia czoła uzurpatorowi, by ocalić imperium. Na ich czele staje bohaterski śmiertelnik Bek, który z pomocą potężnego i miłosiernego boga Horusa wyrusza w zaświaty – do samych niebios, by tam odnaleźć i pokonać Seta i jego hordy. Tak rozpoczyna się pełna niezwykłych przygód, magii i poświęceń krucjata śmiertelnika i boga w obronie  naszego świata.


 The film takes place in an alternate world Egypt, where the world is flat and the gods live among mortal humans. The Egyptian pantheon is distinguished from humans by their greater height, golden blood, and ability to transform into animal-like form.

After a reign of peace, king Osiris turns over the throne to his son Horus, with the peasant couple Bek and Zaya among the crowd. However, during the coronation Osiris is killed by his jealous brother Set, who seizes the throne and declares a new regime where the dead will have to pay with riches to pass into the afterlife. Horus duels Set in deity form but is overpowered, and during the chaos Bek is seperated from Zaya. Set would have killed Horus, but Horus' lover Hathor begs for his life, so Set settles for tearing out Horus' eyes, which are the source of his power, and banishing him to the desert.

A year passes, during which Set marries Hathor and commissions a grand obelisk tower to be built in honor of his father Ra. Bek has found Zaya among the slaves building the monument, under the ownership of the chief architect Urshu. Believing that Horus is the only one who can defeat Set, she steals scrolls from Urshu’s library which give the floorplans to Set’s treasure vault. Maneuvering through one of them, Bek steals one of Horus' eyes from the vault, but returns to find Urshu has found out about their theft. Bek and Zaya escape, but she is mortally wounded in the process and dies shortly thereafter.

Bek arrives at Horus' prison, where he makes a bargain with the blinded god: one of his eyes and Bek’s knowledge of how to get into Set’s tower in exchange for Horus bringing Zaya back from the dead. Horus agrees, though not telling Bek that he cannot resurrect the dead. Their time is limited, as in a few days Zaya will complete her journey through the underworld but at the end will have no riches to pay passage to the afterlife. With only a single eye, Horus can not assume deity form. Meanwhile, Set discovers that a thief has stolen the eye from his vault, then later that Horus is no longer in prison.

Horus and Bek travel to a mountain shrine to Ra, and the sun god temporarily grants Horus his powers so that he and Bek may speak to him. The two come aboard his divine vessel above the Earth, but Horus is unable to convince Ra to regrant him his power, as Horus has not proven worthy to be king in Ra’s eyes. Nor is Horus able to convince Ra to descend to Egypt and fight Set on his behalf, as Ra is both disinterested in their conflict and daily at war with an enormous shadow beast, Apophis, that threatens to devour the world. Nevertheless, Horus obtains divine waters from Ra’s vessel, which if poured in Set’s shrine would nullify the power of the desert and so weaken Set. Horus and Bek return to the mortal world, fighting off Set’s warriors on the way.

Set sets out to obtain other gods' powers in order to increase his might. Having already gained Horus' eye and Osiris' heart, he confronts his former wife Nephthys and cuts off her wings for himself. Hathor attempts to divine Horus' location in secret, but Set discovers her and sees she still loves Horus instead. He attempts to kill her but at the last moment, she removes a protective bracelet given to her by Horus. This bracelet contains 42 jewels representing the 42 demons Horus slayed in order to release Hathor from her role as Mistress of the West. In that role, Hathor was obligated to the underworld. As she removes the bracelet, the demons take her back to the underworld but she saves herself by putting the bracelet back on before she reaches the underworld, eventually returning to the mortal world and reaching Bek and Horus. Hathor saves them from Set’s assassins Astarte and Anat, and reveals to them that Set’s shrine is protected by a riddling sphinx. The group heads to the library of Thoth for help, certain that he will be wise enough to answer the sphinx’s riddle. Thoth initially refuses, thinking it unwise to oppose Set, but he is eventually persuaded and joins their group.

Arriving at Set’s shrine, the gods and human overcome its traps, including the sphinx, to reach the source of Set’s power. But before they can pour the divine water in, Set intercepts them and reveals Horus' deception to Bek: that he would be unable to bring Zaya back from the dead. Set destroys their flask of divine water, steals Thoth’s brain, and collapses the shrine on them. Horus saves his allies' lives with his strength, but Bek is furious at him for lying about Zaya, who is just moments away from being judged too poor for the afterlife. Hathor then sacrifices her own safety for Zaya, giving up her protective bracelet to Bek. Hathor is then kidnapped by the underworld’s demons, but the bracelet will let Zaya pay her way to the afterlife.

Having obtained the powers of the gods, Set travels to Ra, appealing to his father for approval. Ra claims that Set’s prior banishment, his favoritism of Osiris, and Set’s infertility, and his subsequent conquest as king, were all tests for Set to take his true role, taking Ra’s place as the defender of the world aboard his solar barge. Set is dismayed to hear his destiny was to rule alone above the planet until he dies, when his desire was for Ra to grant him immortality in his mortal kingdom. He then casts Ra off the boat, using his combined deity powers and then taking Ra’s staff for his own, deciding to let Apophis consume both the mortal and immaterial realms, so that Set may create a new world where he is immortal.

Bek’s rescue of Zaya in the underworld is thus interrupted by Apophis attempting to attack the underworld, only held at bay temporarily by Anubis. Bek returns to the mortal world where Horus apologizes and the two resolve to take down Set, capturing Urshu so that he may guide them through Set’s obelisk. While Set calls down Apophis on Egypt, Horus battles him on the monument’s peak but is heavily outmatched. However, Bek comes to his rescue and takes the other eye off of Set’s armor. He throws it to Horus but falls off the obelisk, and Horus chooses to save Bek instead. This act restores Horus' power, and he battles Set until Horus brings down the obelisk and kills him. He then finds Ra and returns his staff to him, letting the sun god repel Apophis once more.

Horus is restored as king and his other eye found and returned, but Bek has been killed. Having saved Ra, though, his grandfather repays Horus by bringing Bek and Zaya back to life. The other gods have their attributes restored, and Horus is crowned king and declares the afterlife will be open to the good doers of the world. Bek is made chief advisor, and he gives Horus back the bracelet, letting Horus rescue Hathor from the underworld.