Damien sezon 1


GATUNEK – Horror

OPiS SERIALU – „Damien” to serial nawiązujący do kultowego horroru „Omen”, który ukaże losy dorosłego Damiena Thorna. Główny bohater będzie ponownie musiał się zmagać z siłami ciemności i zaakceptować fakt, że jest antychrystem.

PLOT – TV series „Damien” continues the story of Damien Thorn, a mysterious boy, which was adopted by a married couple in the iconic movie „The Omen” 1976. Now, he’s an adult and his past haunts him. Damien is faced with a chain of horrific events. Finally, he must accept his true fate, realizing that he’s the Antichrist. Amani Golkar is his close friend and colleague. But his loyalty will be tested when he finds out who is actually his friend. Ann Rutledge is the most powerful woman in the world, which is responsible for Damien’s mission – he must fulfill his destiny of the Antichrist.