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GATUNEK – Dramat

OPIS SERIALU – Serial The Path skupia się na rodzinie, która poważnie udziela się w pewnej sekcie. Każdy odcinek zgłębia siłę przyciągania wiary i próbuje odpowiedzieć na pytanie, co to znaczy wybierać pomiędzy życiem, jakie mamy, a tym, jakie chcielibyśmy mieć.

PLOT – he plot of the TV series „The Path” focuses on the Cleary family, which was in the midst of the tumultuous events surrounding cult led by a charismatic Cal Roberts. Eddie Cleary is a caring father and dedicated member of the community „The Way”. He’s going through a crisis of faith. His wife Sarah thinks he have an affair, but only what he wants – to meet with a man who claims to know the „truth” about The Way. Eddie wants to deal with his own demons and uncover the secrets of the cult. Drama TV show will look at the difference between the life we lead and the life we would like to lead.

S01E01/E02 : What the Fire Throws / The Era of The Ladder - PLSUBBED
1. What the Fire Throws
2. The Era of the Ladder
3. A Homecoming
4. The Future
5. The Hole
6. Breaking and Entering
7. Refugees
8. The Shore
9. A Room of One’s Own
10. The Miracle