The Darkness 2016The Darkness / Duchy Kanionu (2016) 

GATUNEK –  Horror, Thriller, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU – Rodzina wraca do domu z wakacji po pobycie w Wielkim Kanionie – nieświadomie przywozi ze sobą nadprzyrodzoną siłę, która żeruje na ludzkich lękach które mogą zniszczyć człowieka od wewnątrz lub pchnąć do czynów wywołując przerażające konsekwencje…
PLOT – Peter and Bronny Taylor go on a vacation to the Grand Canyon with their children, Stephanie and Mikey, and meet with some friends. While having a cookout, their friend Andrew follows a trail into the canyon with Mikey and Stephanie. While Andrew and Stephanie leave Mikey sitting on a rock to continue the trail, Mikey falls through the sand and soon discovers a small cave, where he finds black rocks with symbols on them, Mikey then takes the rocks and puts them into his backpack, not telling anybody what’s happened.
When the Taylors return home, strange things begin to happen. Bronny finds that the sink keeps turning on, and Stephanie sees handprints on a steamy mirror, both of which Mikey blames on “Jenny”. Stephanie also sees a reflection of a demon on the oven. While investigating a noise from the attic, a shadow appears behind Bronny. She turns around to find Mikey, who says „Jenny” taught him a secret way to get up there. Meanwhile, Peter starts flirting with a new employee at his job.
After Stephanie gets home from school, she vomits into a container and puts it under her bed. She turns to see Bronny watching her, and becomes angry. When Peter returns home, he sees a crow on the hood of the car. However, he rushes into the house after hearing Stephanie screaming.
He finds Stephanie pushing Bronny and arguing. Peter grabs the angry Stephanie and pushes her out of the room and locks the door. Bronny tells Peter that she’s been throwing up for a while, and reveals that there are many containers under her bed filled with vomit. Peter takes Stephanie to a hospital to try to get her help from a therapist.
Bronny leaves Mikey at her mother’s house while she heads to the hospital with Peter. Mikey finds her pet cat, and he follows it into the living room while his grandmother cleans up the kitchen, the door closing behind him. When she turns around she sees a snake on the counter and screams. Peter arrives at the hospital and the doctor tells him that a snake got into the house but no one got hurt. However when Bronny’s mother got out, she found Mikey trying to kill her cat, much to Peter’s disbelief.
At home, Bronny searches for answers to the strange activity online and finds out about the Anasazi Indians, who believed that demons that were bound to rocks hidden in underground caves. It is also believed that if the rocks are taken, the demons take the shape of a crow, a snake, a coyote, a wolf, and a buffalo. They connect to young children who are dragged into their world triggering an event known as 'The Darkness'. The only way they can be banished is if the rocks are returned to where they were found by somebody who’s not afraid.
As she sends the video to Peter, she hears a noise and rushes into Mikey’s room to finds part of his wall on fire. When Peter comes home he tries to talk to Mikey, but he hides in his tree house. Peter rules out the possibility of ghosts. A couple of days later, Bronny and Peter leave for a dinner to meet Peter’s boss and his wife. When they arrive, the Boss’s wife starts to talk about the supernatural before her husband cuts her off. Peter gets embarrassed when Bronny mentions the strange events.
When they get home she finds Mikey covered in black-marks from the part of the wall that was on fire. Blood then pours from his mouth. Peter takes a look at Mikey but he seems fine. Later that night, Bronny has a nightmare that she sees a wolf in the hallway, and Mikey talking to the 'Sky People’ in his room. She asks where they are and he tells her they are behind her. She turns around, screams, and wakes up. Depressed, she buys two bottles of liquor and later confronts Peter about his affair.
That night, Bronny locks herself in the bathroom and cries while drinking and looking at family pictures on the computer. As Mikey sits in his room, the sheets on the floor rise up with the shape of a figure underneath, and he asks if Jenny is there. Demonic hands come out of the fire-damaged part of the wall, which is revealed to be a portal.
Peter comes home and hears a noise coming from the tree house and goes to investigate. Stephanie wakes and as she looks over, she discovers a handprint on the wall. She starts to get up when more handprints appear one-by-one on her wall. Her bathroom door then opens up, handprints appear on her body, with one handprint on her neck, choking her. In the tree house, Peter sees coyote which runs away. He then looks up at Stephanie’s window and sees the shadow of a demon behind her curtains. The force stops choking Stephanie as Peter rushes in and sits her down in the hallway. Bronny zooms in on a photo from the Grand Canyon and sees a demonic-shape in the background. Peter breaks down Mikey’s bathroom door, and finds a smiling Mikey with marks all over the walls and ceiling.
Peter calls a number given to him by his boss, a Spanish woman named Teresa answers, she is said to perform 'spiritual healings'. Teresa comes over with her granddaughter, Gloria, who acts as a translator. Peter tells them about their trip to the Grand Canyon and Gloria explains about the stones and Anasazi Indians. As they cleanse the house, Teresa and Gloria go into Mikey’s room, and note that this is where the real evil lives. They recite a chant as glass rises from the floor and flies at them. They leave and head downstairs to begin the chant again, when the glass table breaks. Mikey goes upstairs to try and enter the portal.
When they realize Mikey’s gone, the family race upstairs. Peter rushes into Mikey’s room, and locks the door behind him. He sees Mikey walking into the portal with the demons. Peter finds the stones on the floor, and follows Mikey into the portal with them, but he can’t set the stones down due to his fear. He offers to swap places with Mikey, and starts walking away with the demons, but Mikey picks up the stones and puts them back down saying 'I’m not afraid!'. The demons leave and Peter and Mikey jump out of the portal together. It disappears, and Gloria declares that the house is clean of evil energy.
The film ends with the family enjoying a picnic together.