GATUNEK – Dramat, Horror, Przygodowy, Fantasy

OPIS SERIALU – Głównym bohaterem jest Jesse Custer, kaznodzieja z małego miasteczka w Teksasie, który w wyjątkowych okolicznościach otrzymuje nadprzyrodzoną moc głosu bożego – ludzie wierzą we wszystko, co powie lub nakaże im Jesse. Custer ma do spełnienia misję: musi odszukać Boga.

PLOT – Jesse Custer has a dark past and an uncertain present, in which he doesn’t succeed in his flock in the small Texas town. He returned to his home town Annville not so long ago, to become a preacher, like his father, who was killed when the boy was 8 years old. One day, an incredible event takes place in the church: a creature, which was born from the unnatural fusion of an angel and a demon, is gotten into Jesse. After that, he gets an incredible power and strength of conviction. When Custer learned that after this event God left heaven, he embarks on a journey across America to find him and bring to justice. His best friend Cassidy and former girlfriend Tulip should help him achieve his purpose.


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