American_Gothic_2016_S01SEZON 1  – ODCINEK  13  z  13

GATUNEK – Dramat, Thriller, Mystery

OPIS SERIALU – Serial opowiada o rodzinie z Bostonu, która po śmierci krewnego dowiaduje się o jego powiązaniu z serią morderstw sprzed lat.

PLOT – The tape reveals to the viewer the many great mysteries, tragedies and intrigue, a quite hard ridge of murders in Boston have not received a direct and convincing explanations – after all, one of the destroyers of human lives has the ability to walk around in completely unpunished state. The incident complicated cases are not yet clear and simple presentation – what will be hard if the promotion line? The impeccable performance of the actors of the tasks of the authorities led to a complete transformation of the talent in this mini masterpiece. Whether the main characters to guess the challenge? What lies behind these difficulties? You will be surprised how everything is simple!


1. Pilot
2. Jack-in-the-Pulpit
3. Nighthawks
4. Christina’s World
5. The Artist in His Museum
6. The Chess Players
7. The Gross Clinic
8. Kindred Spirits
9. The Oxbow
10. The Veteran in a New Field