Authors Anonymous / Anonimowi autorzy (2014)

Authors_Anonymous_film_posterGATUNEK: Komedia

OPIS: Grupa pisarzy przyjmuje do swojego grona młodą Hannah. Kiedy dziewczyna odnosi nagły sukcesy, zazdrośni koledzy dwoją się i troją, by cokolwiek opublikować.

PLOT: When several dysfunctional and unpublished writers accept young Hannah into their clique, they don’t expect her overnight success.

Hannah, who has rarely even read a book, let alone written one, not only manages to land a literary agent to represent her, she cashes in on a deal to turn her first manuscript into a Hollywood film. The support of her weekly writers group, Authors Anonymous, turns to resentment.

Colette Mooney receives rejection letters galore from agents and publishers. Her husband, optician Alan, speaks ideas into a hand-held recorder all day long, but never acts on them. Henry Obert has writer’s block, as well as a huge crush on Hannah, while a Tom Clancy wanna-be, John K. Butzin, resorts to self-publishing in a delusional quest to become a best-selling author, helped by a young hardware store employee named Sigrid who believes in him.

In time, Hannah realizes that maintaining a relationship with these people is next to impossible, but does what she can to at least encourage Henry to begin writing again.