Contracted (2013) 

Gatunek: Dramat, Horror, Thriller / PLSUBBED

OPIS FiLMU – Młoda lesbijka Samantha pada ofiarą gwałtu podczas przyjęcia. Jej gwałcicielem jest nieznany nikomu mężczyzna, kryjący się pod niewiele mówiącym pseudonimem BJ. Wkrótce po zajściu bohaterka zaczyna cierpieć z powodu objawów tajemniczej choroby wenerycznej. Jej kondycja drastycznie pogarsza się z dnia na dzień.

PLOT: The film opens with a man, later revealed to be named BJ, in a morgue who has sex with a corpse that has a biohazard symbol on the toe tag; afterward, he handles an empty test tube while washing up. Later, at a party, Samantha unsuccessfully attempts to contact her ex-girlfriend Nikki and meets with her friend Alice, who encourages Samantha to drink to forget about her recent break-up. Riley, who has an unrequited crush on Samantha, and Zain attempt to flirt with her, but Samantha brushes them off and excuses herself. She eventually gives in to Alice’s intense pressure and becomes drunk. BJ introduces himself to Samantha and hands her a drink that he claims she dropped. Samantha, too drunk to know whether it is her drink or not, accepts it. Although she says she is a lesbian who is already involved in a relationship, as a result from being drunk and drugged, she agrees to have intercourse with BJ. From inside his car, Samantha begs BJ to stop and eventually blacks out.

Samantha wakes up in her house. She shows symptoms beyond that of a severe hangover but irritably tells her mother that she is fine. At the restaurant where she works, Samantha has trouble eating and doing her job. Alice reveals that the police are seeking a man named BJ who was at the party, and Alice later becomes worried when Samantha is ill in the bathroom; Samantha explains it away as bad cramps and a lingering hangover. After many attempts, Samantha finally meets with Nikki, but Nikki seems bored and distracted. When Samantha finds an important letter that Nikki had casually tossed aside, she becomes upset and leaves. As pressures mount on Samantha, her condition worsens, and her denial gives way to fear. Although reluctant to seek medical assistance for fear that Nikki will find out that she has contracted a sexually transmitted disease from a male, she eventually visits her doctor, who believes her to have a rash and infection. While eating lunch with Samantha, Nikki expresses her disdain for flirtatious males and dismisses a man who insists that he has seen Samantha before.

Samantha’s symptoms continue to worsen, which alarms her friends and mother, who accuses Samantha of being on drugs again. However, Samantha keeps the worst of it hidden, and she avoids seeking further medical attention. When her eyes turn bloodshot and hair falls out in clumps, she decides to return to her doctor, but she is called in to report to work. Frustrated, she agrees to postpone her doctor’s appointment until someone can cover for her. Although taken aback by her sickly condition, her boss forces Samantha to prepare food. Samantha’s rotted fingernails fall off, horrifying customers who find them in their food. Samantha flees the restaurant and returns to her doctor, who advises her to avoid contact with other people until tests can determine the nature of her disease. Instead, Samantha visits her mother, who attempts to stage an intervention, and Zain, who gives her cocaine and reveals that he sold Rohypnol to BJ at the party. Concerned for Samantha’s health, Alice contacts Nikki, and, when Samantha attempts to turn to Nikki for help, Nikki flatly rejects her and calls her sexually confused.

Enraged, Samantha breaks in and chokes Nikki to death. She then drives over to Alice’s in a rage, eventually murdering her as well. In desperation and not being in her right mind, Samantha turns to Riley and invites him to Alice’s house. Although confused, Riley goes along with Samantha’s overtures, and they begin to have sex. Midway through, Riley sees maggots fall out of Samantha’s vagina and becomes repulsed by the discovery that she has hidden the extent of her decomposition. Highly disturbed, Riley runs to the bathroom and inspects himself. While there, he discovers Alice’s body. Riley freaks out, and Samantha flees the house. In her car, Samantha fades out of consciousness, and she is involved in a car crash. As she steps out of the vehicle, she is revealed to have transformed fully into a zombie. Her mother, who has arrived at the scene, begs the police not to shoot Samantha. As the police caution Samantha against moving, she lunges at her mother. The film fades to black and ends with her mother’s screams.