Blood Father_2016BLOOD FATHER (2016)


OPIS FILMU – Film jest adaptacją powieści Petera Craiga. Osiemnastoletnia Lydia ucieka, po tym jak jej chłopak będący narkotykowym bossem wrabia ją w kradzież fortuny należącej do kartelu. Dziewczyna ma tylko jednego sprzymierzeńca na całym świecie – swojego ojca, Johna Linka (MEL GIBSON) , który w przeszłości nie wylewał za kołnierz, brał narkotyki, jest motocyklistą i byłym skazańcem. Teraz jest skupiony na ochronie córki. Po raz pierwszy w życiu ma okazję zrobić coś we właściwy sposób.

PLOT – The movie opens with Lydia ( Erin Moriarty) buying bullets at a megastore for her boyfriend Jonah (Diego Luna) and his gang. After loading up the gang goes on a hit-job to kill a tenant family who has stolen money stashed in the walls of the rented house. Jonah asks Lydia to watch the back exit. Lydia becomes nervous so Jonah make her sniff Cocaine to get her high. Jonah and his gang goes in the house while Lydia wanders into the backyard where the kids of the tenants are playing. Lydia gets startled after hearing gunshots and rushes into the house. There she sees that Jonah has tied up a lady. Jonah asks Lydia to shoot the lady but she refuses. A scuffle ensues and Lydia accidentally shoots Jonah in the neck. Lydia escapes the crime scene and contacts her father John (Mel Gibson) who is an ex-convict and is out on parole. She is being chased by John’s associates.

John lives in a trailer park where he is good friends with Kirby (William H. Macy). Kirby is also the sponsor for the parolee John. After receiving call from Lydia John goes to pick her in Santa Monica. John drives Lydia back to his trailer house in his Chevrolet Nova. Lydia dozes off in the car due to effect of alcohol. John learns that Lydia is habituated of drugs and alcohol and after reaching home cleans her purse of all drug packets and booze. Some days pass by uneventfully during which it is revealed that Lydia has a college degree and is well informed. Lydia also receives threat messages from the gang members during this time.

After some days, one night, members of John’s gang come to John’s trailer ostensibly to abduct Lydia. After an argument between John and the gang, a gunfight occurs. The gang members tumble John’s trailer house and both (John and Lydia) get trapped inside. Both are saved when Kirby and other of John’s friends arrive with gun and sticks. John and Lydia flee the scene in John’s car. During daytime Lydia tells John her past story – how she ended up shooting Jonah. They stay at a motel in night where Jason ( Thomas Mann), the receptionist, helps them escape from police despite knowing that they are wanted criminals. John finds out that a professional hitman has been assigned to track and kill Lydia. This hitman kills the policemen while father-daughter duo narrowly escape his barrage of bullets by hot-wiring a SUV parked outside motel.

Through his contacts from the time when he was a felon, John tries to gather information about Jonah and his gang. John goes to meet his old-time friend Preacher (Michael Parks) on a ranch. It is subsequently revealed that John is a Vietnam War veteran. Preacher, who lives with his wife (Dale Dickey) on the ranch, was an explosives expert during the war. It is also revealed that John did 7 years prison time due to the deeds of Preacher and thus John feels entitled. Preacher comes to know that the father-daughter duo are prized runaways. Preacher turns out to be greedy, ostensibly due to his poverty, and tries to hand over John and Lydia to the law.

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