GATUNEK – Dramat, Romans, Historyczny

OPIS SERIALU – Ross Poldark powraca z amerykańskiej wojny do Kornwalii, gdzie nic nie jest takie jak przed jego wyjazdem.

PLOT – Ross Poldark broke away with the American Revolution and got home. Every person who knew him was sure, that he died there, on a battlefield. The woman he wanted to marry is now engaged to Rosse’s close person. His dad died and left him ownership that has been allowed to be worsened. The story sends us in the late 1700s in Cornwall, England. It shows us not only a family drama. It show us increasing issues and conflicts between two social sides: poor and rich people as well. It is a hard time for simple fishers, workers, they get less money. Ross has goal to make his land productive and to get his love back.


2 . As the election leads to rioting, Elizabeth goes to Bodmin herself. Demelza tries to influence the case by making a personal appeal to the judge, but George has a number of tricks up his sleeve as the day of the trial arrives.

1 . Ross prepares for his trial as Demelza and Elizabeth try to help his cause. George does everything in his power to harm Ross, Francis wrestles with his conscience, and Dwight clashes with an entitled heiress, Caroline Penvenen.