Gdy zgasną światła / When the Lights Went Out (2012) 



  Film jest oparty na prawdziwych wydarzeniach mających miejsce w 1974 roku w Wielkiej Brytanii. Len wraz z żoną Jenny i córką Sally przenoszą się do wymarzonego domu w hrabstwie Yorkshire. Wkrótce po tym wokół nich zaczynają dziać się dziwne rzeczy. Rodzina Meynardów podejrzewa, że nie są jedynymi lokatorami w swym domu.


 In 1974, Jenny and Len move into a new home in Yorkshire where their 13-year-old daughter Sally is haunted by the ghost of a young girl, and the demonic ghost of a monk. Sally’s parents seek out the assistance of a paranormal specialist and a local priest, who performs an exorcism that eventually halts the hauntings.

According to the filmmakers, the story is „loosely” based on a claimed poltergeist haunting known as „The Black Monk of Pontefract”, said to have occurred in the home of Joe and Jean Pritchard at 30 East Drive Chequerfield Estate in Pontefract, West Yorkshire in 1974. According to Jean Pritchard’s sister-in-law Renee Holden, alleged supernatural disturbances by a poltergeist given the nickname „Fred” included „throwing things around, freezing rooms down, creating water puddles and making noises”. Pritchard’s daughter Diane was supposedly dragged upstairs by her neck. Despite no first-hand evidence for the stories, the tale was locally popular but „largely unknown elsewhere” until Colin Wilson wrote a book about it in 1981 that gained notoriety among paranormal aficionados. Director Pat Holden stated that he „embellished the story to make it fit it into a horror movie template”