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GATUNEK – Dramat, Mystery, Thriller

OPIS SERIALU – Florencja, początek XV. wieku. Prawdziwa historia jednego z najpotężniejszych rodów w historii. Umiera Giovanni Medyceusz. Na czele potężnego rodu Medyceuszy staje jego syn, Kosma Medyceusz Starszy.

PLOT – TV series “Medici: Masters of Florence” tells the story of an ordinary family of traders, which has become a powerful clan in Italy in the 15th century. Giovanni de ‘Medici, the head of a large family, dared to bypass Vatican prohibitions on usury and to establish a bank. He gave his business his sons Lorenzo and Cosimo, who contributed to the formation of the middle class in Europe. They are often neglected by the laws of morality to achieve its goals. The list of their enemies is growing every day. Many opponents begin active war against them. Despite this, the Medici family was successful and became one of the most influential people of the Renaissance.