Approaching_the_Unknown__2016 W nieznane / Approaching the Unknown (2016)

GATUNEK –  Dramat, Sci-Fi, Thriller, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU – Kapitan William Stanaforth udaje się na najważniejszą misję swego życia – chce skolonizować Marsa. Przed nim 270 dni samotnej podróży. Napotyka jednak niespodziewane problemy..

PLOT – Captain William Stanaforth (Strong) is on a one-way solo mission to Mars, taking humanity’s first steps towards colonizing it. Although the entire world is watching him, he is completely alone on the space ship. After liftoff and the subsequent rocket separations, Stanaforth takes his suit off to relax and is set on course to Mars by the team on the ground.

We later see how Stanaforth had come up with the idea to create water (H2O) by supercompressing sand/dirt and combining the separate hydrogen and oxygen byproducts.