GATUNEK – Przygodowy, Dramat, Sci-Fi

OPIS SERIALU – Historia produkcji, której akcja osadzona jest zarówno w przyszłości, jak i teraźniejszości, opowiadana jest z perspektywy odbywającej się w 2033 r. fikcyjnej misji załogowej na Czerwoną Planetę.

PLOT – TV show is set in 2033 on Mars, where arrives the crew of six persons on the spaceship “Daedalus.” Despite the fact that the main story is a fiction, during the filming directors worked closely with experts from the space sector to the story was as close as possible to reality – a fact with which the first manned mission to Mars will face. In six episodes the popular science series tells about the first years of the future mission. It is an inspiring story of a fictional team. Sci-Fi series will also feature an unprecedented collection of interviews with leading scientists working today to overcome a lot of obstacles in the way of this journey.