Mój przyjaciel smok (2016) Pete's Dragon (original title) PG | 1h 43min | Adventure, Family, FantasMój przyjaciel smok / Pete’s Dragon (2016) 

 – Przygodowy, Familijny, Fantasy 

 – Tajemniczy dziesięciolatek Pete twierdzi, że mieszka w lesie sam, bez rodziny, jedynie z wielkim zielonym smokiem o imieniu Elliott.

Pan Meacham, miejscowy rzeźbiarz, od lat bawi miejscową dzieciarnię opowieściami o złowrogim smoku zamieszkującym lasy zachodniego wybrzeża Ameryki. Jego córka Grace, która jest leśnikiem, uważa je za najzwyklejsze bajki… dopóki nie poznaje małego Pete’a. Ten tajemniczy dziesięciolatek twierdzi, że mieszka w lesie sam, bez rodziny, jedynie z wielkim zielonym smokiem o imieniu Elliott. I z tego co mówi chłopiec, jego niezwykły towarzysz przypomina smoka z opowiadań pana Meachama. Grace postanawia dowiedzieć się, skąd wziął się Pete, gdzie jest jego dom i jaka jest prawda o smoku.

 – In 1977, Pete, a five-year-old boy, is on a road trip with his parents when their car flips off the road trying to avoid a deer. Pete’s parents are killed instantly, but Pete survives and is chased into the forest by a pack of wolves, only to be rescued by a dragon with green fur, yellow eyes, and huge wings. Pete names the dragon „Elliot” after his favorite book about a puppy of the same name with its family, and takes to him as a father figure.

Six years later, Pete, now 11, spots a lumberjack crew chopping down trees near his home. Natalie, the daughter of the site foreman, spots and chases him. When Natalie accidentally falls from a tree, her screams attract her father, Jack, and his girlfriend, park ranger Grace Meacham. Pete tries to run away, but Gavin, Jack’s brother, accidentally knocks him unconscious. After realizing that Pete has vanished, Elliot stumbles around looking for him and ends up knocking over a tree near the lumber camp, leading Gavin to organize a hunting party to find him. Meanwhile, Pete wakes up to find himself in a local hospital, which he escapes in an effort to return to the forest. Before the police can catch him, Grace finds Pete and convinces him to come live with her by promising to take him to the forest the next day.

Gavin and his men locate Elliot’s treehouse, but when they try to search it, Elliot reveals himself and scares them away. He then follows them back to town in an effort to find Pete. When he does, however, and finds Pete settling in with Grace’s family, he leaves. After receiving a drawing of Elliot from Pete, Grace takes it to her father, who claims to have discovered the same dragon as a young man. He advises her to trust Pete, and to find Elliot.

The next day, Pete, Grace, Natalie, and Mr. Meacham travel to the forest to meet Elliot. A group of hunters led by Gavin surprise Elliot and tranquilize him, locking him up in Jack’s warehouse. Before the authorities can inspect Elliot, Pete and Natalie free him from his chains and escape on a lumber truck with Mr. Meacham.

Angered, Gavin sets up a roadblock at the bridge to stop them. A failed attempt by a still groggy Elliot to fly damages the truck’s brakes, causing the truck to plow through the barricade and come to a stop at the other side. Confused and frightened, Elliot perches himself atop the bridge and starts breathing fire at the police. The bridge begins to collapse under the intense heat, causing Grace and Jack’s truck to fall through. Gavin then ignores going after Elliot, and tries to save them before they fall to their deaths. Elliot tries to prop them up, but the bridge suddenly gives way and they all fall into the ravine. At the last second, Elliot emerges with Grace and Jack on his back. With a military helicopter approaching, Pete decides to flee with Elliot back to the woods.

Pete pleads with Elliot to stay with him so he can protect him from his attackers. However, Elliot concludes that as long as they stay close together, Pete will always be in danger. He points out Pete’s book to try and convince him to go back to Grace and Jack. After a tearful hug, Elliot returns to the mountains, while Pete goes to live with Grace and Jack as his new family.

In the years that follow, Grace and Jack marry and adopt Pete as their son, Gavin moves on from the experience, and Elliot slowly fades from the town’s memory. Nevertheless, Pete and his family find him while on vacation, having found that Elliot has finally reunited with his fellow dragons.

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