American_Honey__2016AMERICAN HONEY (2016)


OPIS- Star (debiutująca na ekranie Sasha Lane) nie marzy o niczym bardziej, niż o wyrwaniu się z małego miasteczka, gdzie mieszka z ojczymem i rodzeństwem. Po kolejnej kłótni domowej decyduje się na ucieczkę, by dołączyć do przypadkowo napotkanej grupy młodych ludzi krążących po Ameryce. Włóczęga jest ich codziennością, motele ich domem, a bezsenne noce upływają na imprezach pod gwiazdami. Utrzymują się ze sprzedaży obwoźnej. Przewodzi im Crystal (Riley Keough), decydując o tym, kto zostanie przyjęty do grupy, a kto z niej wyrzucony. Charyzmatyczny Jake (Shia LaBeouf), będący jej „prawą ręką”, bierze Star pod swoje skrzydła. Ich wspólne przygody na granicy prawa wkrótce przeradzają się w silną fascynację i uczucie, które zostanie wystawione na próbę…

PLOT- Star (Sasha Lane) is a teenager living in Muskogee, Oklahoma. She is in foster care and is forced to take care of the younger children while being groped and molested by her foster father. While trying to hitchhike home she spies a car full of teenagers and makes eye contact with one of the boys inside (Shia LaBeouf). She follows them to a local Walmart making eye contact again with the stranger from the car. When his phone drops out of his pocket she follows him to the lobby to give it back to him where he kisses her on the cheek and tells her to come with him to Kansas where he will offer her a job. Star declines but the stranger nevertheless tells her to meet them in the parking lot of the local motel 6.

Star decides to go with the group. Packing her belongings she takes her younger brother and sister to a club where her mother is dancing telling her it is now her turn to take care of them. Though her mother refuses Star ends up running away from the club and sleeping out the van of the strangers till morning. The stranger, Jake, is delighted that she came. She is „interviewed” by Krystal, who runs the entire crew and who hires her after she establishes that Star is 18, no one will miss her and that she promises to work hard.

In the car on the way to Kansas, Star meets the other members of the crew including Pagan (Arielle Holmes) who is obsessed with Star Wars, in particular Darth Vader, and death.

The mag crew works by breaking up into smaller groups of two and selling door to door. Since Star is new she is paired with Jake, the veteran of the group. Star finds it difficult to sell as Jake lies in order to make sales. She also distracts Jake by flirting and eventually kissing him. Her behaviour leads her to be called in to speak with Krystal who tells her that working with Star has made Jake post his lowest sales ever. She has Jake but tanning oil on her body as Star watches. Star promises to make better sales. The following day, annoyed by Jake, Star vows to make better sales than him. She is picked up by three strangers in cowboy hats who offer to help her thinking she is being harassed by Jake. They bring her to their home where they offer to buy several of her magazines if she drinks the worm at the bottom of a bottle of mezcal. Star does so and makes the same. Jake however, fearing the worst, arrives and threatens the men with his gun before stealing their car. Initially angry at Jake, Star is later touched that he came to find her and the two have sex. When the two return to the hotel for the evening however Jake tells her not to mention their relationship and takes the money she earned and gives it to Krystal.

For awhile things between Jake and Star are tense and Krystal threatens to drop her on the side of the road if she keeps causing trouble. The crew end up living temporarily in a rundown house and Jake and Star renew their relationship. She asks him what his dreams are and he ends up showing her his private stash of cash and gold made up of items he’s stolen from the homes he visited that he intends to use to buy a home.

Krystal dumps the girls off where oil workers are about to go to work in the morning. Star climbs in the back of their truck and tries to sell them magazines but one of the oil workers tells her he’ll pay her five hundred dollars to go on a date with him. Star tells him she will do it for a thousand and the man agrees.