Land_of_Mine_posterPole minowe / Under sandet / Land of Mine (2015) 

GATUNEK – Dramat, Historyczny, Wojenny, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU – Film opowiada o mrocznym epizodzie z historii Danii, która po kapitulacji Niemiec, wykorzystała do rozbrajania min niemieckich jeńców. Ponad połowa z nich, słabo przeszkolona jako saperzy, zginęła lub została okaleczona podczas tej wojskowej operacji. Film przejmujący, chwilami okrutny, z zapadającymi w pamięć kreacjami młodych aktorów, jest opowieścią o nienawiści, zemście
i pojednaniu, ale i o przyjaźni, i sile ducha w walce o przetrwanie..

PLOT – In the days following the surrender of Germany in May 1945 a group of young German prisoners of war was handed over to the Danish authorities and subsequently sent out to the West Coast, where they were ordered to remove the more than two million mines that the Germans had placed in the sand along the coast. With their bare hands, crawling around in the sand, the boys were forced to perform the dangerous work under the leadership of the Danish sergeant, Carl Leopold Rasmussen (Roland Møller). Most of them are teenage boys conscripted by Hitler in the last days of the war, and they are hopelessly ill equipped to carry out their dangerous job. An early scene of the captured German soldiers being harassed by the Danes shows the understandable hatred that the Danes felt toward their occupiers. Rasmussen shares this contempt, and he is determined to treat the young soldiers under his command without the least bit of sympathy.

As time passes, he actually comes to appreciate them, especially one of them named Sebastian Schumann. In the end, out of 14 boys, only 4 survived, (three of them being Sebastian, Ludwig and Helmut) and while they were promised to be sent home after removing the mines, the Danish authorities decide that since they need them, they must stay here. Rasmussen helps them escape and they are finally able to return home.

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