ScintillaTHE HYBRID / SCINTILLA (2014)

– Horror, Sci-Fi

– Najemnik staje na czele oddziału, którego misją jest odnalezienie tajnego tunelu i zlokalizowanie podziemnego laboratorium.

– This is a science fiction thriller set deep underground in the wilds of a former Soviet state, where strange genetic experiments are taking place. John Lynch, a war weary mercenary, is hired to lead Morjana Alaoui, a company scientist, to the secret underground laboratory. There, with his team of mercenaries, they intend to steal the research in the laboratory. Along the way John and his companions including Antonia Thomas, Ned Dennehy and Craig Conway face dangerous militia involved in a bloodthirsty civil war, strange monsters lurking in the abandoned tunnels of the old Soviet bunker and finally he meets Beth Winslet, the scientist running the genetic experiments, and her terrifying secret…