GATUNEK – Krymnalny, Dramat, Mystery

OPIS SERIALU – Po ośmiu latach niewoli w Iraku sierżant korpusu piechoty morskiej powraca do Stanów Zjednoczonych jako bohater. Agentka CIA podejrzewa, że może on planować zamach terrorystyczny.

 – Season 6 of Homeland will be taking place in New York. Carrie decides to live CIA and moves to Brooklyn, New York with Frannie. She is a member of foundation that provides legal aid to Muslims living in the United States. Woman finds herself between the devil and the deep blue see again: federal agents on the one side and potential terrorists on the other. Due to her working experience at Middle East she realizes how diversified Arab-Islamic world is. Once again, Carrie and her former mentor Saul Berenson are on opposite sides of the barricades. The future of CIA now depends on a newly-elected President of the United States – Elizabeth Keane. As we all know, a new broom sweeps clean, so we must expect some significant changes.

Saul will put his life at risk in Abu Dhabi, the United Arab Emirates. How he can trust Dar Adal after a takeover?

Agent Quinn is trying to cope with physical and mental pain as the consequences of his injury.

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Episode 12 | S06E12 + PLSUBBED
Episode 10 | S06E10 “The Flag House” + PLSUBBED
Episode 9 | S06E09 “Sock Puppets” + PLSUBBED
Episode 8 | S06E08 “Alt.truth” + PLSUBBED
Episode 7 | S06E07 “Imminent Risk” + PLSUBBED
Episode 6 | S06E06 "The Return" + PLSUBBED
Episode 5 | S06E05 "Casus Belli" + PLSUBBED
Episode 4 | S06E04 "A Flash of Light" + PLSUBBED
Episode 3 | S06E03 "The Covenant" + PLSUBBED
Episode 2 | S06E02 "The Man in the Basement"+ PLSUBBED
Episode 1 | S06E01 "Fair Game" + PLSUBBED