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gatunek – Mystery, Sci-Fi, Dramat

opis serialu – Młodym mężczyzna po 12 latach budzi się ze śpiączki i odkrywa, że ma nadnaturalne zdolności. Będzie ich potrzebować, by odkryć wielką i niebezpieczną konspirację. W jego życiu pojawia się tajemnicza Willa, która ostrzega go przed niebezpieczeństwem.

plot – The drama television series Beyond features a young man waking up from a coma. The incident that put him in a coma for 12 years was a fault of his childhood’s friend. Hardly anyone believes that he will wake up. But Holden didn’t give up and finally opened his eyes. He discovers that his physical development outgrew his mental development.

Holden’s mother Diana has had no doubt in her mind that he will awake. His father Tom is emotionally detached after ongoing events. His clever younger brother Luke, who grew up in the shadow of tragedy and now realized that Holden knows less about the world than he does. In addition he possesses with supernatural abilities he considers to be a gift from above. The boy will have to explore these new abilities, learn to control them, and, finally, use them successfully. What path will he choose –a superhero or a villain? He has no idea that he is involved into the middle of a dangerous conspiracy.

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