Don_VerdeanDON VERDEAN (2015)

GATUNEK- Przygodowy, Komedia

OPIS FILMU- Don Verdean jest człowiekiem wiary, który poświęcił swe życie biblijnym badaniom archeologicznym. Zatrudniony przez ewangelickiego kaznodzieję wyrusza z nową misją w poszukiwaniu świętego reliktu. Przy okazji będzie musiał się zmierzyć z waśnią pomiędzy dwoma rywalizującymi kongregacjami.

PLOT- Don Verdean (Sam Rockwell) is a freelance Biblical archeologist who has made claims of great discoveries. He has fallen on hard times, particularly because his finds have come into question. One congregation headed by Tony Lazarus (Danny McBride) and former escort wife (Leslie Bibb) agrees to fund Don to find artifacts. Don finds himself going from from an honest man finding questionable artifacts to a con artist.

The film has some quirky characters that were not fully developed to their potential. There is a serious issue of fake artifacts, but the film doesn’t seem to address that. In one moment it appears to be taking a swipe at Christian denominations who believe forged artifacts are real, yet we are introduced to Carol (Amy Ryan) an honest person who epitomizes the good in people.

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