colony_sezon_2SEZON 2 ODCINEK 13 z 13 FINAL 


OPIS SERIALU: Los Angeles zostaje opanowane przez kosmitów. Podczas gdy część mieszkańców czerpie korzyści ze współpracy z najeźdźcami, inni stawiają im czynny opór – będą toczyć walkę o zachowanie tego, co ludzkie. Josh Holloway wcieli się w byłego agenta FBI, który zostaje zmuszony do współpracy z rządem, aby ochronić swoją rodzinę. Sarah Wayne Callies będzie jego żoną.

PLOT: Season two of Colony, a science-fiction drama television series revolves in near-future Los Angeles, embraced with havoc and lawlessness. In attempt to save their son a family couple Will and Katie acts according to their own plans. Will Bowman goes looking for his missing son to Santa Monica. Katie balances between family and her duties as Resistance operative. She will face with her inner fears. Woman will have to choose between beloved ones and members of Resistance. People’s attempts to win back the city of L. A. and members of theirs families only make matters worse. Meanwhile the leader of puppet government of Los Angeles was replaced by new marionette. The time when L. A. citizens will rise in rebellion and release from regime of extraterrestrial occupation is coming. Would the searches of son be successful for Will? Once he was caught by invaders and forced to go through a lot in order save his life.

Episode 13 | S02E13 + PLSUBBED
Episode 12 | S02E12 + PLSUBBED
Episode 11 | S02E11 + PLSUBBED
Episode 10 | S02E10 “The Garden of Beasts” + PLSUBBED
Episode 9 | S02E09 “Tamam Shud” + PLSUBBED
Episode 8 | S02E08 “Good Intentions” + PLSUBBED
Episode 7 | S02E07 “Free Radicals” + PLSUBBED
Episode 6 | S02E06 "Fallout" + PLSUBBED
Episode 5 | S02E05 "Company Man" + PLSUBBED
Episode 4 | S02E04 "Panopticon" + PLSUBBED
Episode 3 | S02E03 "Sublimation" + PLSUBBED
Episode 2 | S02E02 "Somewhere Out There" + PLSUBBED
Episode 1 | S02E01 "Eleven.Thirteen" + PLSUBBED