outsiders_sezon2SEZON 2 ODCINEK 13 z 13

Dramat, Akcja

– Serial przedstawia losy rodziny Farrellów, która prowadzi niezależne życie w swojej osadzie położonej w amerykańskich Appalachach. Bohaterowie muszą sobie radzić z postępującą industrializacją regionu oraz miejscowymi stróżami prawa.

– The second season of Outsiders TV series revolves around a struggle for power in the hills of Appalachia. A delicate balance between the locals and mountain folk and businessmen was distorted. The Farrells’ leader “Big Foster” Farrell wakes up after a stubbing wound. Gwyn takes his place for a while. The clan will have to form a plan of protection from local intruders. Meanwhile, Blackburg authorities are embarrassed by the security issues. Deputy Sheriff Wade Houghton makes his best in order to catch a murderer of his colleague. His personal relations with the members of clan may have unexpected consequences for this case. A romantic affair between Hasil and Sally-Ann can help to remove hostility between the citizens of Blackburg and mountain folk.

Strained relations between Farrell clan and the locals will later lead to a skirmish with police and conflict escalation in season 1 finale. Each character of Outsiders will face with new enemies and monumental challenges.


Episode 13 | S02E13 “Unbroken Chain”
Episode 12 | S02E12 “What Must Be Done”
Episode 11 | S02E11 “The Run”
Episode 10 | S02E10 “Stranger in a Strange Land”
Episode 9 | S02E09 “Loyal to the Bone”
Episode 8 | S02E08 “Healing”
Episode 7 | S02E07 “Home for Supper”
Episode 6 | S02E06 “Kill or Be Killed”
Episode 5 | S02E05 “We Are Kinnah”
Episode 4 | S02E04 "How We Hunt" + PLSUBBED
Episode 3 | S02E03 "Banishment" + PLSUBBED
Episode 2 | S02E02 "Shadowside" + PLSUBBED
Episode 1 | S02E01 "And the Three Shall Save You" + PLSUBBED