American Pastoral / Amerykańska sielanka (2016)American Pastoral / Amerykańska sielanka (2016)

GATUNEK: Dramat, Kryminalny 

OPIS FiLMU: Wstrząsający obraz destrukcji amerykańskiego społeczeństwa.

Seymour (Ewan McGregor) ma wszystko, co Ameryka lat 60-tych definiowała jako szczęście: piękną żonę Dawn (Jennifer Connelly), dobrą pracę, wymarzony dom na wsi i ukochaną córkę, Merry (Dakota Fanning). Dzień, w którym dowiaduje się, że jego jedyne dziecko jest zdolne do brutalnych ataków terroryzmu, będzie ostatnim dniem jego dotychczasowego życia. Czy amerykański sen o szczęściu, pokoju i dobrobycie był tylko marzeniem jednego pokolenia?

PLOT: At the 40-year reunion of the graduating class of Weequahic High School in Newark, New Jersey; author Nathan Zuckerman meets one of his old friends, Jerry Levov. They talk about Jerry’s brother, former star athlete Seymour „Swede” Levov, who recently died after a long illness.

In a flashback, Swede persuades his father, glovemaking magnate Lou Levov, to let him marry his high school sweetheart, beauty queen Dawn Dwyer. Lou is skeptical because Dawn is a devout Roman Catholic, but gives in. They have a daughter, Meredith, or „Merry,” and settle in the town of Old Rimrock, where they acquire a large farm.

For much of her life, Merry struggles with a stuttering problem, but her parents are unable to get a handle on it. By the time Merry reaches high school, she has become increasingly radicalized as the Vietnam War rages, and frequently goes to New York City to take part in antiwar protests. Fearing for her safety, Swede urges Merry to channel her energy into protesting against the war at home.

A few days later, the local post office and gas station are blown up by a massive bomb, killing the gas station’s owner. Merry disappears soon afterward, and is the prime suspect in the bombing. She isn’t even heard from again until Rita Cohen, a student at the Wharton School, comes ostensibly to do a study on the glovemaking industry, and tips off Swede that she knows about Merry’s whereabouts. Swede meets Rita in a hotel, but spurns Rita’s attempts to seduce him. The strain of Merry’s disappearance briefly sends Dawn into a mental hospital. She gets a facelift soon afterward, and tries to get Swede to forget about Merry.

Years later, when leaving a gallery crawl, Swede spots Rita on the street. Rita takes him to a skid-row area of Newark where Merry now lives. Merry wants to withdraw from society, as apparent penance for her crimes. She has no desire to return home even when Swede tries to trigger her childhood memories at another visit. Swede never recovers psychologically, and never sees Merry again.

Back in the present, Nathan and Jerry attend Swede’s funeral. As the guests are about to leave, Merry arrives, having not seen her father in years, and lays her hand on the casket.