Manchester_by_the_Sea__2016Manchester by the Sea (2016)

 – Dramat 

 – Po śmierci Joe’go (Kyle Chandler), starszego brata, Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck), zaszokowany wiadomością, że brat powierzył mu opiekę nad swoim synem Patrickiem (Lucas Hedges), wraca w rodzinne okolice. Lee rzuca wszystko i przenosi się do Manchester-by-the-Sea, zmuszony zmierzyć się z wydarzeniami przeszłości, które sprawiły, że rozstał się z żoną – Randi (Michelle Williams) i opuścił miasteczko, w którym wyrastał.

 – Lee Chandler, a sullen and quiet handyman in Quincy, Massachusetts, receives word from George, a family friend, that his brother Joe has suffered a heart attack. Joe dies before Lee can get to the hospital. Lee goes back to his hometown of Manchester-by-the-Sea to break the news to Joe’s teenage son, Patrick. Staying in Joe’s home while arranging Joe’s funeral, Lee is shocked to learn that Joe named him as Patrick’s guardian. Reluctant to commit to the guardianship and unwilling to move back to Manchester, but opposed to returning Patrick to his estranged alcoholic mother, Lee makes plans for Patrick to move back to Boston with him. Patrick, deeply rooted in the Manchester community, objects to the idea.

We learn through flashbacks that Lee once lived happily in Manchester with his wife Randi and their three young children, until his negligence while intoxicated led to a house fire that killed their children. With no criminal charges filed against him but his wife Randi blaming him for the fire, Lee attempted suicide by pulling a gun from a police officer’s holster after being interviewed. The attempt failed and he subsequently moved to Boston, becoming bitter and isolated.

Joe’s body needs to be kept in storage until spring when the ground thaws and he can be buried. Lee remains in Manchester until the delayed funeral. Over time, Patrick and Lee reestablish their bonds. Lee comes through when Patrick has a panic attack while rifling through the freezer, as he has been constantly bothered by the thought of his father on ice for several months. Conflict continues to arise when Lee refuses to make small talk with the mother of Patrick’s girlfriend, Sandy, so that Patrick and Sandy can have sex. Patrick thinks Lee is trying to distance himself from him, especially because Lee is doing all he can to wrap things up and leave Manchester.

Patrick’s mother Elise learns of the situation and offers to allow Patrick to move in with her, having found religion and sobriety with her new Christian fiancé, Jeffrey. During an awkward meal with them, Patrick finds himself unable to connect with Elise. Elise’s hurried departure from the room is followed by the sound of bottles and glass, to Jeffrey’s concern. Patrick is later unsettled when his mother’s controlling fiancé emails him insisting on being an intermediary in the future, saying that it is best for her.

Meanwhile, Lee runs into a remarried Randi and her newborn baby. She expresses great remorse for her treatment of him during the divorce and asks to reconnect. A distraught Lee cannot find the words to respond and leaves before he becomes emotional, parting with the phrase: „There’s nothing there.” She sobs as he walks away. Lee expresses his rage by picking a fight with strangers at a bar, only to be rescued by George.

Lee arranges for George and his wife to act as legal guardians for Patrick. When an emotional Patrick asks why Lee staying isn’t an option, Lee admits that he cannot bear living in Manchester anymore. During a walk after Joe’s funeral, Lee tells Patrick that he is searching for a new residence with an extra room, so that Patrick can visit whenever he wants. In a final scene, Lee and Patrick go fishing on Joe’s refurbished boat that Patrick has inherited.