Way Of The Wicked (2014)

Way_of_the_Wicked__2014Gatunek: Thriller

OPiS FILMU: Po serii niewyjaśnionych morderstw Ojciec Henry idzie do policyjnego detektywa z prośbą o rozwiązanie tajemniczych zaginieć i morderstw.

PLOT: After a series of strange murders sweeps an isolated community, Father Henry [Christian Slater] and local police detective, John Elliott [Vinnie Jones] learn a troubled teen with a dark past has recently moved to their town; they’re horrified to learn that he’s set his sights on the cop’s gorgeous daughter. The priest, who has secrets of his own, finds himself pitted against a demonic force more fiendishly evil and grotesque than any of them could have imagined. Who will win?

Produkcja: Kanada, USA

Director: Kevin Carraway
Writer: Matthew Robert Kelly
Stars: Vinnie Jones, Christian Slater, Emily Tennant