Upadli / Fallen (2016)Upadli / Fallen (2016)

gatunek – Przygodowy, Dramat, Fantasy / LEKTOR.PL

opis – Oskarżona o spowodowanie tragicznego w skutkach pożaru nastoletnia Lucinda „Luce” Price trafia do szkoły z internatem. Próbując otrząsnąć się z poczucia winy i odkryć prawdę o tym co się stało, Luce wdaje się w niezwykłą znajomość z dwoma tajemniczymi młodymi mężczyznami. Wkrótce odkryje, że są oni upadłymi aniołami, którzy od wieków rywalizują o jej miłość. Jeśli tak – kim w takim razie jest ona sama i gdzie jest jej miejsce na Ziemi?

plot – Luce is sent to „Sword and Cross” a reform/college prep school for young adults, after she is blamed for the death of Trevor, a boy Luce once had a crush on. After they kissed, Trevor was killed in a fire shortly after Luce saw „shadows”.

Upon arriving at her new school, Luce is briefed on the rules and history of Sword and Cross by Randy, and encounters Cameron, another student, as he is brought in via a police car and in handcuffs. They make eye contact and seemingly a connection.

Arriane Alter, an outgoing girl with long black hair, takes Luce under her wing, and informs her of the status quo of Sword and Cross. Arriane says that the third floor of the dormrooms are for students with mental problems, and is momentarily dumbfounded when Luce tells Arriane her room is on the third floor, apologizing soon after.

Luce visits the library, where she meets Miss Sophia, a grey-haired religious scholar teacher, who gives Luce her books for her classes and gives her a slip for the „special collections” section of the library. As she wanders through, she begins to see the return of „The Shadows,” paranormal, ink-like smudges that Luce has been seeing since childhood. She then sees Daniel sitting by a window with a sketch and charcoal pencil and approaches him. Daniel wakes up when he realizes Luce’s presence. They look at each other before Daniel quickly gets up to leave.

As Luce is heading to class, she is confronted by Molly Zane, who seems to know about an incident in Luce’s past. Molly starts taunting Luce, calling her a psycho, until Luce loses patience and hits Molly back. They are caught by Randy, who reprimands both of them, even though he knows Molly started the fight, as Molly is known for her trouble-making. Luce is punished for „taking the bait” and sentenced to lawn duty. Molly is brought to be punished elsewhere.

After the fight, Luce goes to the bathroom, where she meets Pennyweather „Penn”, a quirky student and office aid, whom Luce befriends. The two instantly bond, and Penn later reveals that she can access anybody’s personal records, telling Luce that she is a „…very powerful friend to have.”

The next day, Luce is scheduled for her detention of lawn duty. While she is picking up trash, Luce looks up at an avenging angel statue and seems to sense something just before the statue breaks and falls, nearly crushing Luce. Daniel saves Luce from the falling statue, but makes a swift exit after.

Later, Cam approaches Luce and convinces her to have breakfast with him even though she says she is late for class. Cam blatantly flirts with Luce while they eat and almost kisses her before the school bell rings. Cam invites Luce to Roland Sparks' party as they walk to class and she accepts, later inviting Penn to go with her.

At the party, Cam greets Luce warmly. Luce begins to develops a crush on Cam, but this is hindered by her constant feeling of an unusual connection with Daniel. Meanwhile, Penn strikes up conversation with a shy boy named Todd. Then, Molly appears at the party and almost immediately starts harassing Luce. She threatens Luce with a stick of fire, making references to Trevor, making the ground catch fire and almost setting Luce herself in fire. Arriane jumps in and tells Molly to back off. Molly runs off and Arriane sits Luce down someplace safer. After assuring Arriane she’s fine, Luce goes back to Penn, who has somewhat bonded with Todd. Luce decides to leave the party and sees the shadows as she walked through the forest back to school.

The next day, Luce tells the school counselor she is no longer seeing the shadows but confides to Penn that she is seeing them more than ever before. After talking with the counselor, Luce decides to go for a swim in the indoor pool and runs into Daniel who is also swimming. She sees a pair of necklaces he is wearing that sparks a vague memory and she asks him one more time if she knows him from somewhere. He tells her no and swims off leaving her alone.

Later on, Luce has flashbacks about the fire that killed Trevor and says that she doesn’t remember how she ended up outside while Trevor was trapped inside. While in one of her classes, she is able to translate a Latin phrase, „It was humility that turned men into angels and it was pride that turned angels into devils.” The teacher is impressed and asks the class how that relates to the rebel angel. Arriane becomes upset at the teacher for suggesting the rebel angle had a choice and the teacher kicks her out of the classroom. After class has ended and Luce is walking with Penn and Todd, she realizes she forgot her sweater and returns to the classroom to retrieve it. When she enters the room she hears Daniel and the teacher, Sofia, talking about the falling angel statue and the teacher warns Daniel that it may have been caused by Cam. They realize Luce heard them talking and Daniel runs after her.

Luce remarks that Daniel was distracted during class and asks him what he was working on during the class. He tells her it was a graphic novel about a boy and girl who are in love with each other but can never be together because of a curse put on them by the devil who was jealous of their love. They meet every 17 years and fall in love but they can never be happy because the girl always ends up dying as soon as they are happy. Luce asks what happens to the boy and Daniel tells her he waits, never aging or changing. Each time he meets the girl she has a new name and a new family but he knows it is her because it is her soul reincarnated. He tells her they always fall in love but it always ends the same way with the girl dying as soon as they kiss.

Cam is watching them talk from the roof of the school and later knocks on her door room door to wish her a happy birthday. He gives her the items that were confiscated from her when she first arrived at the school. He tells her that he has answers and will tell her the truth if she meets him at the arch that night. Cam takes her out to a club and tries to kiss her. Daniel appears and shoves Cam away from Luce, yelling that he had told Cam to stay away from her. Luce flees the scene and confides to Penn what happened. Penn and Todd help Luce sneak into the school and use the facial recognition software Todd has created to find pictures on the internet that match Daniel’s face. They find a photo from 1854 of Daniel and Luce. As Penn wanders off to retrieved the photo from the printer, Luce is distracted by a locust and follows it into another area of the library. The shadows appear and another mysterious fire occurs that ends up engulfing the library and killing Todd. Daniel rescues Luce from the fire.

Daniel visits an unconscious Luce who is recovering and tells her that he loves her. Penn is heartbroken by Todd’s death and Luce feels responsible because it was just like Trevor’s death. Penn will not let Luce take the blame for his death. After Todd’s funeral, Luce wanders up to the roof top balcony and finds Daniel there. She tells him that she remembers everything- the fire and being carried in his arms to safety. Daniel tells her she was delirious but Luce pulls out the 1854 photo she had printed from the internet and tells him she remembers that day. Daniel tries to deny it but she refuses to accept that. Luce steps onto the ledge of the balcony and jumps off. Daniel catches her and flies her to safety with his wings of light. Luce is amazed by his wings and they almost kiss but instead Daniel tells her that he’ll always be there for her. Meanwhile, Penn wakes up and sees two shadows talking behind a door and is troubled by what they are saying. She runs to find Luce.

Luce now remembers giving Daniel the necklace he wears around his neck and as they continue to reminisce the shadows appear. Luce become afraid because everything bad that has happened in her life has come from the shadows but Daniel assures her that isn’t the case. He tells her they are called the Announcers and that all they do is observe. They are windows into the past that are attracted to the most important moments in Luce’s life. In the shadows, Luce now sees all the lives she has shared with Daniel for thousands of years. He tells Luce that she is reincarnated but that he is immortal as one of the fallen angels. They nearly kiss but Cam arrives just in time to stop them. Cam tells Luce that if she kisses him she will die and offers her a future with him. Daniel tries to convince her that this time it will be different. Luce states that she knows what she wants and kisses Daniel.

Cam is visibly upset by this and reminds them that Luce isn’t baptized. This means that Lucifer will come for her and insists Luce will be safer with him. Daniel whisks Luce away before Cam can do anything. Cam flies into the air and continues to try to convince Luce and Daniel that he is the better option. Daniel leaves Luce in the care of the teacher, Sofia, and flies off to fight Cam so that he can’t follow them and lead Lucifer to Luce. Cam insists that he doesn’t answer to Lucifer anymore but Daniel continues to fight him. The fight causes an unusual storm and the non-angle students of Sword and Cross gather around the windows to watch. After Daniel gains the upper hand, Cam insists he isn’t the one trying to kill Luce and Daniel demands to know who.

As Luce watches them battle it out, Penn finally reaches Luce and is about to reveal something to her but Sofia slits her throat before she can say anything. As Penn falls to the floor dead, Daniel and Cam hear Luce scream out in horror. Daniel races to rescue Luce as Sofia chases after her trying to end her life so that Daniel can take his rightful place in heaven. Daniel protects Luce and confronts Sofia about her claiming to be a servant of God even though she has murdered innocent lives. Sofia explains that the murder is justified because with Luce gone Daniel would have been forced to choose a side and order would have been restored. The shadows show up behind Sofia as she is talking and consume her.

Luce is visibly shaken by everything that happened and asks why Sofia was trying to kill her. Daniel explains that she is not baptized, which means that if she dies it will be forever and she will not reincarnate. Sofia believes that with Luce no longer in the picture Daniel would leave earth and choose heaven. Daniel tells her that Lucifer will come for her for this same reason. He tells her that he must take her somewhere safe. Luce tells Daniel that she finally understands why she never felt she fit into the life that was supposed to be hers and Daniel tells her that he will always choose her. They then fly away into the sky as dawn approaches.