– Dramat, Fantasy, Mystery

 – Piękne i tajemnicze siostry Laura (Natalie Portman) i Kate (Lily-Rose Depp) posiadają nadprzyrodzone zdolności i potrafią komunikować się z duchami. Na zakończenie swojego tournée po Europie ruszają do Paryża, gdzie spotykają pewnego charyzmatycznego producenta filmowego (Emmanuel Salinger). Laura i Kate odkryją przed nim klimatyczny świat pełen magii i zmysłowości. I nieodwracalnie zmienią jego życie.

 – Paris, at the end of the 30s, Laura and Kate Barlow are two young sister fortune-tellers, just finishing their European tour. Exhausted by the tour and faced with the competition of new practices, they meet André Korben, a big cinema producer. He is a controversial visionary; the owner of the largest cinema studio in France, using the latest American techniques to keep his company out of the doldrums. Out of a desire to test his own scepticism and a keen sense of curiosity, Korben invites the two sisters to hold a private séance: the result turns his world upside down. He is so disturbed he offers them a contract to try out ambitious experiments… He tells himself that cinema must innovate and surprise to evolve: that he can make the first truly authentic ghost-film. But Laura quickly gathers that Korben has other, more secret reasons for having employed them. Together they end up forming a strange family with increasingly disturbing relations…

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