Mohenjo Daro (2016)Mohenjo Daro (2016)

GATUNEK: Akcja, Przygodowy, Dramat

OPIS FILMU: Farmer Sarman, kierując się przeczuciem, wyrusza do Mohenjo Daro i spotyka prześliczną Chaani, w której z miejsca się zakochuje. Odkrywa też pilnie strzeżoną tajemnicę swego pochodzenia na złość rządzącemu miastem okrutnemu Mahamowi.

PLOT: The film opens in 2016 B.C. with Sarman, a young man from the village of Amri, who lost his parents at a young age. Sarman kills a crocodile that has been terrorizing his village’s fishermen and is hailed as a hero. He asks his uncle, Durjan, to allow him to go to Mohenjo Daro to trade their family’s goods, but his uncle refuses. Sarman attempts to sneak away to the city at night with his friend Hojo, but is caught by Durjan, who relents and allows both friends to go. He gives Sarman an amulet that contains an inscription of a unicorn that Sarman often sees in his dreams, suggesting he use it only in a life or death situation.

Arriving in Mohenjo Daro, Sarman learns that the city is ruled by the tyrant chief Maham and his wicked son Moonja. He also learns that the unicorn he sees in his dreams is the symbol of the city, and feels as if the city is oddly familiar to him. While Sarman is trading, Maham proposes to impose an additional tax on the farmers so that the city may grow, but Sarman leads the farmers to oppose the taxes so that their families don’t starve. Sarman gains access to the upper city by showing his uncle’s amulet and falls in love with Chaani, daughter of the head priest of Mohenjo Daro. Upon meeting, the head priest strangely appears to recognize Sarman. Chaani reveals that she has been forcibly betrothed to Moonja, Sarman’s enemy, who is cruel and ruthless. Maham realizes Sarman and Chaani love each other and that Sarman is the leader of the tax revolt, and so he challenges Sarman to fight Bakar and Zokhar, his two champions. Sarman proposes that if he wins, Chaani will be released from her engagement, and Maham accepts the terms.

The head priest reveals to Sarman how Maham was expelled from Harappa for illegal trade with Sumerians. Maham entered Mohenjo Daro as a trader and quickly rose to become the trade chief. Maham had discovered that the mighty Sindhu River held vast gold deposits, so he decided to place a dam on the river and divert its course to mine the gold. The wise Senate Chief Srujan, who is revealed to be Sarman’s father, opposed this but Maham built the dam anyway and had Srujan framed and arrested for hoarding gold. Chaani’s father and Durjan – Sarman’s uncle – were coerced by Maham to betray Srujan, and the latter was killed. Maham then took Srujan’s place as the new Senate Chief. It is now up to Sarman to defeat the evil Maham and gain revenge for his father.

Sarman faces the ferocious Tajik mountain cannibals Bakar and Zokhar in an arena before the city. After a vicious battle, he kills one of the cannibals but spares the other and the people of Mohenjo Daro surge even stronger behind him. Enraged, Maham urges Moonja to finish off Chaani and the priest. Moonja kills the priest but Sarman saves Chaani and kills Moonja.

Chaani exposes Maham’s plan to use the gold from the Sindhu to enrich himself and to smuggle in weapons from the West. All the chiefs now stand against Maham. The people elect Sarman as the new chief but Sarman suggests Mohenjo Daro needs a people’s government, not a chief. Sarman realizes that the dam will burst and the Sindhu River will flood the city. He rallies the people to lash boats together and form a floating bridge. They evacuate Mohenjo Daro and cross to the other side of the river. The dam collapses, and Maham, chained in the city square, is drowned. The once renowned Mohenjo Daro is no more. The survivors migrate to another river, which Sarman names Ganga.