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The Cosmonaut 2013OPIS: 1975 rok, pierwszy rosyjski kosmonauta ląduje na Księżycu i nie może powrócić do ziemskiej bazy. Wbrew przekonaniom wszystkich, że poniesie śmierć w kosmosie mężczyzna dąży do ocalenia.

PLOT: The Cosmonaut (El Cosmonauta) is a Spanish science-fiction film, directed by Nicolas Alcala and produced by Carola Rodriguez and Bruno Teixidor. It premiered in May 2013. The first feature-length project of Riot Cinema Collective is notable for its use of crowdfunding and Creative Commons license in its production.Stas, the cosmonaut, gets lost in space. When he comes back he finds Earth completely empty of human life. Yulia and Andrei wait for him on the other side of a collapsing world. How far would you go for love?

In 1967, two young friends, Stas and Andrei, arrive to the newly built Star City (near Moscow) where the first cosmonauts trained to go into space, and where a race against the clock to beat the Americans into space takes place.

Stas and Andrei will witness first-hand the political plots, the fights for power and the successes and failures of the Soviet Union in some of the greatest achievements of the 20th century. They will meet Yulia, a communications technician, with whom they will strike up a strong friendship, always close to love but never consummated.

Director: Nicolás Alcalá
Writers: Nicolás Alcalá, Henry Pierrot (novel)
Stars: Max Wrottesley, Katrine De Candole, Leon Ockenden

Tytuł.: The Cosmonaut / Kosmonauta / El Cosmonauta

Produkcja.: Hiszpania, Rosja

Gatunek.: Dramat, Sci-Fi

Czas trwania.: 102 min.

Premiera: 14.05.2013 – Świat

The Cosmonaut / Kosmonauta 2013 WEB-DL XviD MP3-RARBG