OPIS: Rok 1969. Charlie Bucktin (Levi Miller) jest zamkniętym w sobie nastolatkiem, który mieszka z rodziną w małym australijskim miasteczku. Pewnego letniego wieczoru wyciąga go z domu miejscowy rozrabiaka Jasper Jones (Aaron L. McGrath). Okazuje się, że chłopak znalazł w buszu zwłoki swojej dziewczyny Laury. Obawiając się, że jako pół Aborygen zostanie oskarżony o zbrodnię, prosi Charliego, by pomógł mu odnaleźć sprawcę morderstwa. Sprawy szybko przyjmują niespodziewany obrót. Wciągające kino z Antypodów, w którym z ogromną wrażliwością i wyczuciem zarysowane są postacie młodych bohaterów. Klimatyczny obraz w reżyserii wyróżnionej nagrodą AACTA Rachel Perkins (Radiance, Bran Nue Dae) opowiada o małomiasteczkowych sekretach, sile młodzieńczej przyjaźni i miłości, uprzedzeniach rasowych oraz ponoszeniu odpowiedzialności za swoje czyny. Jego scenariusz osnuty jest na kanwie popularnej powieści autorstwa Craiga Silveya, którą porównuje się do słynnej książki Harper Lee „Zabić drozda”. W główne role wcielają się Aaron McGrath (Around the Block), Levi Miller (Piotruś. Wyprawa do Nibylandii), nominowana do Oscara i Złotego Globu Toni Collette (serial Wszystkie wcielenia Tary) oraz Hugo Weaving (trylogia Matrix). Autorem znakomitych zdjęć jest Mark Wareham (Clubland).

PLOT: Protagonist Charlie Bucktin is a 14 year old boy living in the fictitious rural town of Corrigan in Western Australia. Charlie spends his days with his best friend Jeffrey Lu, a Vietnamese boy who shares Charlie’s love of intellectual banter, and deals stoically with the constant race-hate inflicted on him and his family. Eliza Wishart, a local girl, and daughter of the President of the town hall becomes more and more endeared towards Charlie.

On Christmas evening Charlie is unexpectedly visited by Jasper Jones, an outcast in Corrigan due to his mixed White-Aboriginal heritage and rebellious lifestyle. Jasper begs for Charlie’s help, and leads him to his private glade in the bush. Here Charlie is horrified to find dead body of a young girl, Jasper’s girlfriend Laura Wishart, battered and hanging from a tree. Jasper, aware that he is likely to be blamed for Laura’s murder, convinces Charlie that they should hide the body, so they throw it into a nearby pond, weighted by a large rock.

Jeffrey is passionate about cricket, but his attempts to join the Corrigan team are thwarted by the racism of the coach and other players. Eventually fortune goes his way, and he finds himself batting in a game against a rival town, watched by Charlie, who has befriended Eliza, Laura Wishart’s younger sister. As Jeffrey wins the game on the last ball, Charlie and Eliza hold hands and embrace.

A search for the missing girl is soon organised, focused on the idea that she may have run away. Jasper is interrogated roughly by the local police, but he soon escapes. Meanwhile tension builds in the town, as parents fear more disappearances, and townspeople search for someone to blame. The tension is funneled into strict curfews for the children as well as racial attacks on Jeffrey’s family. It is revealed that Charlie’s mother, increasingly disillusioned with life in Corrigan and her marriage, is having an affair with the Sarge involved with the investigation into Laura’s disappearance.

Jasper believes that Laura’s murderer is Mad Jack Lionel, a reclusive old man who is rumored to have done terrible things in the past. Jasper determines to confront Lionel on New Year’s Eve, and together with Charlie, goes to his house. Lionel manages to defuse Jasper’s aggression, and the truth comes out: Lionel is actually Jasper’s grandfather who had ostracised his son’s family knowing that he had married with an Aboriginal woman when Jasper was a baby. His daughter-in-law then took care of him, spurring a change of heart towards her. One night, she needed medical attention; and Lionel had attemped to race her Jasper’s to hospital. He crashed his car, however; causing her death. The incident has left him guilty, broken, and ostracized by the townspeople. Ever since, Lionel has been trying to reach out to Jasper and apologise for his actions.

On the same night, Charlie comes to Eliza’s window. They go to Jasper’s glade. Here Eliza tells Charlie that she knows everything about Laura’s death and hands him the suicide note detailing the gruesome reasons for her apparent suicide. The note said that after rampant sexual abuse by her abusive father, leaving Laura pregnant, and after a particularly violent fight on Christmas day, Laura came looking for Jasper. Eliza followed her to the glade. Finding Jasper away, in despair Laura killed herself, and Eliza, paralyzed by fear, could not save her. Charlie then confesses that he and Jasper had thrown Laura’s body into the pond.

Charlie’s mother leaves Corrigan. Charlie remains close to Eliza, who exacts revenge on her father by setting fire to their house, injuring him. The secret about Laura’s death remains with the three of them.


25 sie 2017