Notatnik śmierci / Death Note (2017)

GATUNEK:  Fantasy, Horror, Mystery, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FILMU: Light Turner znajduje magiczny notes i wykorzystuje go, by wymierzać sprawiedliwość, czym zwraca na siebie uwagę pewnego detektywa, demona i dziewczyny z klasy.

PLOT: In Seattle, high school student Light Turner encounters a notebook marked „Death Note”. He is visited by the death god Ryuk who tells him that he can cause the death of anyone they write in the book and the means of how they die as long as they know their face. Light is coaxed into testing it on a bully. That evening, Light is compelled to write down Skomal’s name, a criminal who ran down his mother. Mia Sutton, a cheerleader and Light’s classmate, inquires about the Death Note. Light demonstrates how it works and Mia encourages Light to use the Death Note to rid the world of criminals, improving society under the guise of a god known as „Kira”. Kira’s killings become beloved by the public, and Light and Mia become lovers. Kira’s actions have drawn attention of „L”, a enigmatic detective who is able to track down Kira’s location to Seattle and his source to their police database. L and his assistant/father-figure Watari travel to Seattle and meet with James Turner, a police officer and Light’s father, to discuss how they will catch Kira. L gives a televised speech, taunting Kira to kill him, but when this fails to happen, L suspects that Kira must know a person’s name and face in order to kill.

L has FBI agents follow Light and others he suspects as Kira. The FBI agents thereafter commit mass suicide and Light accuses Ryuk of killing them. James appears on television and vows to apprehend Kira. Mia tries to kill him, but Light stops her. L comes to the conclusion that Light is Kira, and confronts him. Light uses the Death Note to force Watari to learn of L’s real name, lost in an abandoned orphanage, within the next 48 hours. As Ryuk explains, Light can burn the page with Watari’s name to cancel the death before the 48 hours are up. However, he also learns that this can only work on one victim of the Death Note. L learns Watari has disappeared, and orders Light’s house to be searched; however, Mia was able to sneak the Death Note out. Knowing that Light is still being followed, Mia helps him to sneak away at the school dance, allowing him to collect the Death Note and burn Watari’s page. Watari finds L’s records moments before the deadline, but Light finds Watari’s page missing, and he is killed before he can reveal L’s name. Mia reveals that she had used the Death Note to kill the FBI agents, took Watari’s page, and had also written Light’s name in it, giving him 24 hours before his heart stops, effectively blackmailing him into giving her the Death Note, offering to burn Light’s page if he complies. L, meanwhile, is devastated by Watari’s loss, and goes on his own manhunt for Light. With police closing in on the school, Light tells Mia to meet him at the Seattle Great Wheel where he will turn over the book, and then eludes the police. L catches up to him and prepares to kill him, but a passerby, learning Light is Kira, knocks L out. Pursued by police, Light meets Mia and stow themselves away on the Ferris wheel. Mia forcefully takes the Death Note from Light after he fails to dissuade her from doing so, upon which he reveals that he wrote her name in the book, with her death only dependent on her taking the Death Note from him. With both of them doomed, Ryuk begins to cause the ferris wheel to collapse. Mia falls to her death, while Light and the Death Note fall into the water. The page with Light’s name on it ends up falling into a burn barrel. Though Light is recovered, he has fallen into a coma.

A few days later, a man who had recovered the Death Note when it washed ashore leaves it at Light’s bedside. Light wakes up to find his father there who reveals that he knew Light was Kira after finding a news clipping about Skomal in Light’s room and realizing that he was Kira’s first victim. Light explains that he used the Death Note at the school to plan out Mia’s death in a way that would burn the page with his name on it. He also manipulated several criminals to induce him into a medical coma, having them use the Death Note during his comatose absence to give himself an alibi. With Kira continuing to kill while Light was in a coma, L is taken off the case and forced to return to Japan. As his plane is about to take off, he ponders on a comment Light made during their standoff about being able to kill with a calculus book. After recalling Mia’s involvement in the case and finding out she was a calculus student, he races to her home to search her possessions. He finds the Death Note page with the FBI agents that she killed on it, and contemplates writing a name on the page. Back in Light’s hospital room, Ryuk comments to Light that „humans are so interesting”.