CROW (2016)

GATUNEK: Thriller 

OPIS FILMU:  Bogaty deweloper postanawia usunąć problematycznych osadników ze swojej nowo zakupionej ziemi, co prowadzi do niebezpiecznych konsekwencji.

PLOT: A wealthy Developer tries to remove settlers from his newly acquired land, which leads to dire consequences.

Crow is protector of the wood. He has lived there ever since the Crow tribe of travellers were brutally moved on from the farmstead nearby by ruthless developer, Tucker. Now Tucker wants the wood too and will stop at nothing to raze it to the ground. Crow must defend it with his life. The battle begins, but Tucker doesn’t realise that he must contend with a man who has the power of nature behind him. Before the day is done, he and his men will learn the real meaning of terror in this original supernatural thriller.