Swelter / Miasto odkupienia (2014)

gatunek: Akcja | Thriller, LEKTOR.PL

OPiS: Czterech zbiegłych więźniów dociera do małego miasteczka w Kalifornii, by odnaleźć dawnego członka ich grupy, który przed laty uniknął kary i uciekł z częścią zrabowanych pieniędzy.

PLOT: In Keith Parmer’s (Mob Rules) action-thriller Swelter, Jean-Claude Van Damme plays a member of a bank robbing gang that manages to steal a cool $100 million before some of them are apprehended by the police. Flash forward ten years and Van Damme is now an earnest, hard-working sheriff in a small town… with no memory of his criminal past. But what happens when his old crew rolls into town, anxious to find out where he hid their payload? Swelter also stars Josh Henderson, Brad Carter, Alfred Molina and Lennie JamesIn the vein of the brutal heist drama Reservoir Dogs, the modern crime thriller A History of Violence, and the classic western High Plains Drifter, Swelter is a violent story of greed and retribution.