GWIEZDNE WOJNY: Ostatni Jedi / STAR WARS: The Last Jedi (2017)

GATUNEK: Akcja, Przygodowy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, LEKTOR.PL


  Rey dołącza do Luke’a Skywalkera, by zostać rycerzem Jedi. Razem odkrywają tajemnice Mocy i sekrety przeszłości.


Having taken her first steps into the Jedi world, Rey joins Luke Skywalker on an adventure with Leia, Finn and Poe that unlocks mysteries of the Force and secrets of the past.

Resistance fighters led by General Leia Organa evacuate their main base when a First Order fleet reaches the planet. After the fight, the Resistance vessels jump into hyperspace to escape. Organa reprimands Commander Poe Dameron for a successful but costly counter-strike while Supreme Leader Snoke reprimands General Hux for his failure to block the evacuation. Hux tracks the Resistance and a long pursuit begins, with the Resistance relying on their spaceships' mobility and shields to survive while their fuel supplies dwindle. During one battle, Kylo Ren hesitates to attack the lead Resistance ship after sensing the presence of his mother Leia onboard. TIE fighters destroy the bridge of the ship, killing many Resistance leaders. Leia is incapacitated, leaving Vice Admiral Amilyn Holdo in command. Disapproving of their leaders' passive strategy, Poe, Finn, BB-8 and mechanic Rose Tico embark on a secret plan to disable the First Order fleet’s tracking device.

Rey meets Luke Skywalker on the water-world Ahch-To, having traveled there with Chewbacca and R2-D2 aboard the Millennium Falcon, but Luke declines to teach her as a Jedi Master. Rey and Kylo secretly have visions of each other and initiate a dialogue. After learning of Han Solo’s death, Luke eventually agrees to give basic initiation to Rey, explaining the Force and his failure as a Jedi Master. Luke and Kylo give Rey different accounts of the incident that swayed Kylo toward the First Order and Luke to his hermit life. Unable to convince Luke to join the Resistance, Rey leaves the planet without him to confront Kylo. Luke sees the ghost of Yoda, who tells him that failure is the greatest teacher.

Holdo reveals her plan to discreetly evacuate the remaining Resistance members to a nearby old Rebel Alliance stronghold using small transports. Believing her actions to be cowardly and risky, Poe instigates a mutiny. Finn, Rose, and BB-8 recruit the computer pirate DJ at a casino on Canto Bight, believing that he will be able to help them disable the tracking device. They infiltrate the lead First Order ship, but are captured by Captain Phasma. BB-8 manages to escape. Meanwhile, Rey lands on the same ship and is seized by Kylo. During a confrontation with Snoke, she urges Kylo to rebel. Snoke explains that he controlled the mental connection between Kylo and her as part of a plan to destroy Luke. Ordered to kill Rey, Kylo instead kills Snoke by cutting him in half. Rey and Kylo work together to kill Snoke’s guards. Kylo asks Rey to help him build a new order, but Rey refuses and asks him to join the Resistance. They struggle through the Force, resulting in Kylo’s defeat and Rey’s escape. Kylo declares himself the new Supreme Leader.

Having recovered, Leia neutralizes Poe and allows the evacuation to begin, with Holdo remaining on the main ship to provide cover. However, DJ reveals the Resistance’s plan to the First Order, and the evacuation transports are targeted with heavy losses; Holdo rams the command ship to stop the barrage. BB-8 frees Rose and Finn, who escape after defeating Captain Phasma, and join the survivors of the evacuation. When the First Order arrives, Poe, Finn, and Rose lead a charge with old speeders but are heavily fired upon by dozens of walkers and TIE fighters. The Falcon arrives and draws the TIEs away, while Finn narrowly fails to destroy the main enemy cannon, letting the weapon blast a hole into the fortress' defense.

Luke appears, giving hope to the Resistance. He confronts Kylo alone, giving the surviving Resistance fighters time to escape. When Kylo strikes Luke with his lightsaber, he learns that he has been fighting a projection, and Luke is still on Ahch-To. Luke defiantly tells Kylo that he will not be the last Jedi, as Rey clears the path for the remaining Resistance members escaping the base through old mine tunnels.
On Ahch-To, Luke’s body vanishes as he dies, having spent his energies in the strenuous maintenance of his Force astral projection. The remaining Resistance fighters escape aboard the Falcon. Rey looks at the small numbers hopelessly and turns to Leia. Leia, looking at Rey, states that the rebellion now has all that is needed to rise again. On Canto Bight, one of the stable boys uses the Force to retrieve a broom. He stares up into the sky and wields the broom like a pretend lightsaber.



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