Stop Over in Hell / ROAD TO HELL (2016)

GATUNEK: Kryminalny | Horror | Thriller | Western

OPIS: W odległym przystanku dla dyliżansów na Dzikim Zachodzie niespodziewana wizyta człowieka zwanego „Pułkownikiem” zmieni ich spokojne życie

PLOT: In a stagecoach stop far away in the Wild West the unexpected visit of a man called ‘Colonel’, will change their peaceful lives…

STOP OVER IN HELL is a western set right after the end of The Civil War, in a deep process of change when railway translates into progress and the stagecoaches have gone in decline due to the constant threat posed by bandits. The Colonel is one of them – a survivor of the old world- and his partners in crime, Red and Cuba, his perfect complement. Since the very early frames we can see the cruelty of Colonel’s gang, their sadism, rape, murder and greed, qualities that will move the characters’ choices till the end.