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Appleseed (2004)OPiS: Superprodukcja 3D, pierwsza część trylogii SF. Wyjątkowa i przełomowa produkcja pod względem animacji (bardzo realistycznej). Akcja rozgrywa się po trzeciej wojnie światowej, główna bohaterka o imieniu Deunan oraz jej scyborgizowany przyjaciel Briareos walczą o przetrwanie w supernowoczesnej metropolii Olimp i jednocześnie odkrywają szokującą prawdę o tajemniczym projekcie Appleseed.
Jest rok 2137. Trzecia wojna światowa przeobraziła naszą planetę w gigantyczne cmentarzysko. Tylko tyle pozostało po potężnych, tętniących niegdyś życiem wielkich i dostojnych metropoliach. Mimo, że pod gruzami leżą miliardy ofiar, ta wojna toczy się nadal – walka o przetrwanie trwa nieustannie. Między ruinami strzelistych drapaczy chmur przemykają się cudem ocalali ludzie, cyborgi, roboty i wszelkiego rodzaju maszyny wojenne. W tej mrocznej, apokaliptycznej scenerii, każdy miłośnik gier komputerowych spod znaku lufy i mecha, będzie się czuł jak u siebie w domu.

PLOT:  Deunan Knute, a young soldier and one of the Global War’s last survivors, is rescued by Hitomi, a Second Generation Bioroid. Deunan’s escape attempt from a hospital and kidnapping of Hitomi fails when she is stopped by her former lover Briareos Hecatonchires, now a cyborg. She learns that the war had ended and she is in a Utopian city called Olympus. Its population is half-human and half-clone, a genetically-engineered species called Bioroids. Olympus is governed by three factions: Prime Minister Athena Areios; General Edward Uranus III, head of the Olympus Army; and a Council of Elders. Everything in the city is observed by an artificial intelligence named Gaia from a building called Tartaros. While there, Deunan joins the E-S.W.A.T. organization.

The Bioroids were created from the DNA of Deunan’s father, Carl, making the Second Generation Bioroids her brothers and sisters. However, they have a much shorter lifespan than humans due to suppressed reproductive capabilities. The Bioroid’s life extension facilities are destroyed by a secret faction of the Regular Army in a terrorist attack against the Bioroids. However, the Appleseed data, which contains information on restoring the Bioroids reproduction capabilities, still exists.

Olympus is plagued by conflicting factions. Along with a strike force, Deunan and Briareos head to the building where the Bioroids were originally created. She activates a holographic recording showing the location of the Appleseed data. Dr. Gilliam Knute, who created the Bioroids, entrusted Appleseed to Deunan, but was shot and killed by a soldier. They are betrayed and cornered by the Regular Army. Colonel Hades, the anti-Bioroid terrorist, tells Deunan that Briareos had intentionally allowed his Landmate, a large exoskeleton-like battlesuits, to escape. Kudoh tries to cover their escape to the roof and is killed. Uranus tries to convince Deunan that Bioroids seek to control humanity, and he wants to destroy Appleseed and the D-Tank containing the Bioroid reproductive activation mechanism. Briareos tells Uranus that the Elders manipulated the Army into wanting to destroy the D-Tank, but Athena is trying to prevent them and protect humanity. Hades intervenes and shoots Briareos, revealing a personal vendetta against Karl, Deunan’s father; he is shot and murdered by Deunan as she and Briareos make their escape into the sea. They wash up on a beach. Briareos is badly damaged from the firefight and Deunan doesn’t want to leave him, but he persuades her to go and find out what is going on with the Elders. Mechanic Yoshitsune Miyamoto arrives in his Landmate and begins repairing Briareos after receiving SOS from him. Deunan takes the Landmate back to Olympus, where the Appleseed data is used to fully restore Bioroid reproductive functions.

Despite the relief, Deunan confronts the Council of Elders. Confessing that they killed Gillian, the Elders reveal they plan to use the D-tank virus to sterilize all humans, allowing their race to die out slowly, leaving the Bioroids the new rulers of Earth. They needed the Appleseed data to keep the Bioroids alive, but Gilliam hid the data so they could not move forward with their plan. Athena, stepping in to stop them and announcing that Uranus has surrendered, tells Deunan that the Elders had been acting on their own and had shut Gaia down once they realized humanity had softened their stance against Bioroids. The Elders state that they will soon die since Gaia kept them alive, but that they were ready to sacrifice themselves. They then activate the city’s mobile fortress defenses, which begin marching towards Tartaros. Athena states that D-tank’s security system is nearly impenetrable, but a shot from the fortresses’ main cannons might puncture the tank, releasing the virus. ESWAT begins mobilizing, but suffer heavy casualties due to the fortresses’ heavy weaponry.

Briareos arrives and asks Deunan to join the battle. Despite the Elders’ objections, Deunan goes with Briareos to the towers. Deunan attempts to enter the password to shut the defenses down, but a malfunction makes it difficult to complete. The final password letter appears by itself, and Deunan secures the D-Tank. The film ends with Deunan stating that the sins of humanity will probably get worse, but that there is always the chance that future generations will learn from these mistakes; she vows to keep fighting for the children.

In a utopian society created at the end of the third world war, a female warrior who has been plucked from the badlands begins to see cracks in this new facade. And what does this community have planned for the rest of humankind?

Directors: Shinji Aramaki, Steven Foster »
Writers: Masamune Shirow (comic), Haruka Handa (screenplay)»
Stars: Ai Kobayashi, Jûrôta Kosugi, Yuki Matsuoka

Genre:  Sci-Fi | Akcja | Animacja

produkcja: Japonia
premiera: 7 października 2005 (Polska) 5 marca 2004 (świat)

Appleseed (2004) DVDRip XviD AC3-NDRT