Richard The Lionheart (2013) 

Richard The Lionheart (2013) 720p BRRip x264-Fastbet99OPIS: Król Henryk II Plantagenet postanawia sprawdzić honor i lojalność swojego syna – Ryszarda. W tym celu wysyła go na tajną misję, podczas której ma doglądać interesów ojca.

PLOT: On the brink of war with a merciless France, an aging King Henry II must hand over the honour of being the King of England, or risk losing his realm and life in battle. Young and petulant, his son Richard is not ready for such nobility; first his loyalty, honour and skill must be tested or else he and his country face destruction. Banished to the castle known as the Knight s Martyr Richard must prove his worth. Locked in a hellish prison, he must fight to the death against his enemies, all whilst demonstrating the virtues of a true knight, to prove that he has more than just royal blood in his veins, but the heart of a lion and the God given right to become King of England!

100 min – Action | Adventure
produkcja: USA, Włochy
premiera: 9 lutego 2013 (świat)

Director: Stefano Milla
Writers: Gero Giglio, Stefano Milla
Stars: Malcolm McDowell, Stewart Arnold, Veronica Calilli

Richard The Lionheart (2013) 720p BRRip x264-Fastbet99