Crook (2013) DVDRip x264-EXViD

crook 3013 filmOpis: Diler i jego szef obmyślają plan pozbycia się bezwzględnego prawnika, który zagraża ich przestępczej działalności.

PLOT: Weary small time drug dealer Bryce slings smack with the help of his girlfriend in Ottawa, Canada’s capital. The taxing late nights and dubious business connections have taken a toll on Bryce. To keep things interesting he has resorted to dabbling in an extreme past time: Russian Roulette. But when a deal goes wrong and a pair of petty crooks on the payroll of a vice Kingpin make off with Bryce’s score, leaving bodies behind in the wake of a violent shootout, a detective is soon on the case leaving Bryce left to devise a plan to win back his stash and get even with his slimy enemies. A hit on the festival circuit, Crook creates a vivid world of fringe dwellers in a unique, rarely filmed environment for a fast-paced, no frills action ride.

Director: Adrian Langley
Writer: Adrian Langley
Stars: Adam Beach, Leah Gibson, Bill Lake

Genre: Thriller, Kryminalny

Size: 333.27 MB | Format : MKV

Crook (2013) DVDRip x264-EXViD