KTO MA PSZCZOŁY TEN MA MIÓD / Bees Make Honey (2017)

GATUNEK: komedia, Dramat, Mystery, Romans, LEKTOR.PL

OPIS FiLMU: Wdowa jest gospodarzem spotkania dla swoich przyjaciół… „z towarzystwa” – próbującego pomóc w rozwiązaniu morderstwa męża…

Bees Make Honey to wizualnie uderzająca, czarna komedia, która łączy wystrój z lat 30. XX wieku z nowoczesną muzyką i żywą edycją. To mordercza tajemnica – osadzona w nawiedzonym dworku.

1934 rok – Anglia. Piękna panienka jest w niebezpieczeństwie po nierozwiązanym morderstwie jej męża… W desperackiej próbie rozwiązania tego przestępstwa, Honey (Alice Eve) odtwarza dokładnie okoliczności rok później – zatrudniając potajemnie  inspektora policji, by odtworzyć niefortunne kroki jej zmarłego męża …

PLOT: In his feature length directorial debut, Jack Eve brings the 1930’s up to 2017 with a whodunit that really is more than initially meets the eye. Bees Make Honey takes modern, cult and pulp filmmaking techniques to fashion a period piece that’s a Gatsby-esque family affair, starring Jack’s sister Alice Eve (Star Trek: Into Darkness, Black Mirror) as lead character ‘Ms Honey’ and father Trevor Eve as the bumbling Commissioner, as well as a bevy of colourful side characters in this energetic, sometimes exhausting period romp.

After her husband is murdered at a Halloween party on with her 22nd birthday, Ms Honey decides to recreate the very Halloween party the following year, this time hiring Detective Shoerope (Wilf Scolding) to take his place and deduce who the killer was. What follows is a caper that many wouldn’t expect, cyclying through genres as it rambles it’s way through a Halloween party that Baz Luhrmann would be proud of.

Despite what the initial teaser image and plot description would have you believe, this isn’t the meandering, serious Poirot-type escapade it promises. During the opening sequence in which Mr Honey is killed, we are thrust straight into a party scene with enough modern music (most notably Jamie XX’s Gosh), crazy outfits and, surprisingly, cocaine, that it seems almost as if you’ve walked into a costume party mashup of The Great Gatsby and The Wolf Of Wall Street. This won’t be your average Sunday afternoon thriller.

Unfortunately, Eve takes this juxtaposition too far. It’s all well and good having two time periods connect, but it needs to be well balanced. From small things to the overuse of the F-word by Honey to the more intrusive late 2000’s indie rock soundtrack, the illusion is often broken and instead of felling like a homage to Luhrmann’s style, it’s such a sudden change of pace that it feels like flipping channels between Murder On The Orient Express and The Inbetweeners. The film doesn’t earn these cutaways, because the comedy that builds up to these moments hasn’t been given enough time to win over the audience just yet. Indeed, as the post film Q&A brought up, Bees Make Honey may struggle to find a market – without the incongruous swearing and drug use, there’s not much stopping the film from being a PG.

That being said, though, there’s still undeniably fun to be had.. There’s enough pulpy enthusiasm to maintain the enjoyment throughout its 90 minute runtime. Not only does it employ many modern tropes, but also has an exciting Western flare, brilliantly upheld by Scolding, who spends the entire film in a cowboy costume. His role as the quizzical and by-the-book detective is very well crafted, he being the only level head and guide to the audience amidst a house of craziness and deceit.


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