SOLO (1996)

GATUNEK: akcja, Sci-Fi,


 Solo jest efektem długich prac prowadzonych przez Pentagon. Ten, rzypominający do złudzenia żywego człowieka, android, zaprogramowany jako idealny żołnierz, zostaje wysłany z misją do południowoamerykańskiej dżungli. Ma zwalczać tamtejszych partyzantów. Okazuje się jednak, że nie wywiązuje się z powierzonego mu zadania tak, jak to sobie zaplanowali twórcy. Początkowo wykonuje posłusznie rozkazy, jednak po pewnym czasie budzą się w nim ludzkie uczucia.


 Solo (Van Peebles) is an android designed as a military killing machine. He is sent to Central America by General Haynes (Barry Corbin) to battle guerrilla insurgents, but a flaw develops in his programming and he develops a conscience and compassion. His developers try to take him back for deprogramming, but he flees to the jungle in a helicopter. His main energy supply was damaged during the first mission, forcing him to switch to his much less powerful secondary power.

He joins a small village community that is under constant threat from guerilla attackers, and he protects them in exchange for use of their electric generator (they previously used it to power a TV). There he learns to 'bluff' from a child that befriends him, Miguel.

Solo helps the villages drive off a local Warlord (Demian Bichir) and his small army, but the combat is detected by a military satellite. A black ops team is sent to recover or destroy Solo, while they ally with the Warlord. The black ops leader, Colonel Frank Madden (William Sadler) brings in Solo’s creator (Adrien Brody) as a lure, leaving the man mortally wounded but Solo survives. Having occupied the village, the militiamen and black ops team attempt to kill Solo, but he is able to kill all of them.

The Warlord is betrayed by Madden, who tries to kill Solo with an automatic grenade launcher. Solo is able to fight Madden in hand-to-hand combat and non-fatally break his spine. Suddenly a helicopter delivers a more powerful version of the android (who is sometimes referred to as 'Solo MkII'), which is armed with a multi-barreled gun and has Madden’s face. The MkII kills Madden and proceeds to hunt down Solo. Solo is able to save the villagers and beat the MkII android, using his acquired bluffing skills. After the temple the two androids fought in collapses, causing the military to pull out believing both units are destroyed and unrecoverable, Miguel, Solo’s companion, mourns Solo believing he was destroyed by cave-in, but Miguel starts to hear Solo, laughing, as he knows he has earned his freedom.




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