In Harm’s Way (2017)

GATUNEK: wojenny, historyczny, romans,


 Amerykański pilot podczas II wojny światowej awaryjnie ląduje w chińskiej prowincji Zhejiang po nalocie bombowym na Tokio. Wkrótce zostaje uratowany przez młodą chińską wdowę.


 In the 1940s, the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor destroyed Americans’ morale. The president of the United States, Franklin D. Roosevelt, decided to risk it all to bomb Tokyo, raising the public’s hopes. Bombardment air crafts led by U.S lieutenant colonel Jimmy Doolittle took off from a massive aircraft carrier. However, after completing their missions, the bombardment air craft pilots had to bail out at the coastal areas near Zhejiang due to a shortage of fuel. A young pilot, Jack Turner, was saved by a young local widow named Ying, who risked her life as she hid the injured American pilot in her house. Despite not being able to communicate verbally, they fell for each other and a tear-jerking love story went on between the two.



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