The Unthinkable / Den Blomstertid nu Kommer (2018)

GATUNEK: Thriller,


 W chaosie po ataku na Szwecję, Alex stara się wrócić do miłości swojego życia, Anny.


 In Swedish film collective Crazy Pictures feature „Den blomstertid nu kommer” Sweden faces a mysterious attack while Alex tries to reunite with his youth love, Anna.

In 2005, Alex lives in a village with his mother and his aggressive father Björn. His mother leaves the family, and Alex’s closest friend Anna moves to Stockholm. Alex decides to leave his father and moves to a relative.

Ten years later, Alex lives in Stockholm and is now a famous pianist. During Midsummer, there are multiple explosions in Stockholm. Alex splits with his manager and decides to go back to his home village to buy the church organ he and Anna used to play on when they were younger. There, Alex meets Anna again who has moved back to the village. The attacks on Sweden worsen to include people recklessly driving and crashing cars in the rainy summer. The electricity and mobile networks are hit and become unavailable.

At the same time in Alex’s home village, his father Björn fights off armed men from entering a restricted area with access to the electricity network. Civilians come there to seek safety in the bombshelter, including Alex and Anna. They have contact with the military via radio and go to meet them in the village church. Helicopters shoot at them, but Björn takes down a helicopter from his airplane, saving Alex and Anna, however Björn’s airplane crashes.

The film ends with a scene in the village church, which has been destroyed and is on fire. Alex and Anna stand in the rain facing each other, having lost their recent memories due to chemicals in the rain as part of the attacks. Anna is taken away by the military. The very last clip of the film features Putin – suggesting that Russia were behind the attacks



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